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Faculty Resources & Development

School of Medicine Proposed Branches

Information on opportunities to enhance teaching skills and evaluation techniques, to learn about new educational practices and to expand thinking and knowledge are available via Clerkship Block Directors, the Academy of Medical Educators and other resources.

The School of Medicine has offered incentives to Colorado Springs clinical preceptors.

Preceptors provide an environment that fosters intellectual challenge, excellence and the spirit of inquiry. They encourage problem-solving and reasoning skills in their student while teaching biomedical sciences as a conceptual basis for understanding clinical phenomena. With your guidance, students develop habits of self-directed independent learning to prepare for a lifetime of continuing medical education.

Those who serve as faculty at each branch will be incorporated into the medical school committee structure; physicians who perform volunteer teaching, research or clinical services, or whose appointments are less than half-time, are eligible for appointment to the Clinical Faculty.

School of Medicine clerkship block directors oversee the process and are ultimately responsible for comparability of educational experiences and equivalent methods of evaluation and assessment.

A clinical faculty appointment can be facilitated by Nicole Bost and takes approximately 30 days to complete.