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Black Men and Women in White Coats

The University of Colorado School of Medicine, in parternship with PreMed StAR, produced the following videos to share the stories of our colleagues to show both challenges and triumphs in pursuing their goals in the field of medicine and to inspire future physicians.

Who We Are 

Medical Student Bailey Loving

A Denver native, Loving is the sole black man in his medical school class of 2020."I have such a fear of disappointing others and such a fear of making myself and .... what I represent look bad.  It's unfair that all of that burden is placed on me, but nevertheless, all of that burden is placed on me at certain times."

Denver, Colorado 

Vaughn Browne, MD, PhD

Browne, who joined the School of Medicine in 2003,  decided to pursue medicine after his younger brother died in a cholera epidemic. “I am here because dozens of people invested their lives and their dreams and hopes in me as a young student.”


Health Care  

Amira del Pino-Jones, MD

“I hope one day to look around and say, ‘Look at our health care work force. It absolutely matches our population in terms of diversity.’ I’ve had patients call in their family to come and meet me so I can talk to their children or their grandchildren about what it’s like to be a doctor," says Pino-Jones, who graduated from CU in 2007.​