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School of Medicine Web Design

The University of Colorado Anschutz and Denver campuses use a content management system called Microsoft Office SharePoint Server to manage all university Web pages.

Sharepoint is entirely Web-based. Within the School of Medicine, all departments, centers, institutes and individuals use a set of our school's branded templates to give the school a common look and feel, yet are customizable enough to create a unique identity for individual units.

Please contact us with any questions. 

Tonia Twichell, SOM Web Content Coordinator , phone 303-724-6442

Michael G. Miller, SOM IT Program Manager , phone 303-724-4112

Mark Couch, SOM Director of Communications, Marketing and Outreach, phone 303-724-5377



1. Form a website redesign committee and build a site map.
2. Go to SharePoint 2010 Training.
3. Request a UC Denver URL based on campus and SOM requirements, as well as any alias (shortened) URLs.
4. Familiarize yourself with the Online Training, Workarounds and Tip Sheet. 

We recommend attending the School of Medicine specific classes so that you can use the school's actual Sharepoint templates. Please do not drop in for classes; register so we can notify you if there is a location change or if a class is cancelled.

See our online job aids to learn about Sharepoint, or attend classes and open labs. You must be logged into Sharepoint to access the schedule. If you are using Firefox, you will need to log in a second time using the University/YourName convention in the dialogue box.

Training Schedule →

Social media is in use throughout the CU community. The School of Medicine Facebook page can be found at

While there are no CU policies for social media, some guidelines have been created and you can find them below along with other organizations' examples. Please contact us if you have any questions about creating a social media presence.

CU Social Media Guidelines
CDC Guidelines


One question that is often asked deals with the length of a posted video. Usually the shorter the better. It is very rare for users to consume an entire 45 – 60 minute video in one sitting. It is even a challenge for most videos over 10 minutes long. It is best to keep it under 10 Minutes - a good goal is to aim for 4 minutes. If you have longer content that must be posted, break it down into parts making it easier for the user to consume.



MOV, MPEG, AVI formats can get very confusing. The most popular way to make video available on the internet is through a streaming server. This allows users to view part of the video as the rest downloads to their temporary memory. Each streaming server utilizes a different format. For example, the UC Denver Downtown campus has a Flash Media Server - their preferred format is Flash Video (.flv).

There are many services like YouTube or Viddler that can do all the difficult work for you. Simply upload one of several  accepted formats and they will encode and host the file for you on their streaming server. They will then provide you the necessary embed codes and or links to make the content available on your website. Their systems are all configured to optimally deliver video to the Internet. This includes aspect ratio, window size and file size. 


Permission / Copyright

This is a very important thing to think about when posting video to the Internet. If you are not the Author/Creator of the original content you may not be entitled to publically post it. Anytime you have a staff member bring a dvd or tape that needs to be converted and hosted, you should ask for them to obtain written permission from the publisher or copyright holder.

Set up:
Reqest a website: Site build-out form
Request a URL or alias: URL Requests
Review URL guidelines: SOM URL guidelines
What is a site map: Site map examples
Use Copy Decks: Samples
Request a MOSS Calendar: Calendar Request Form

Training information:
Go to training: Training Schedule
Register for training: Registration form
Guides on how to use Sharepoint: Tip Sheets
Sharepoint training guides: Tutorials
How to add items to a calendar: Job Aid

Style Guide and Standards:
Template Content Style Guide (.pdf)
SOM MOSS Web Template Standards (.pdf)

Post build-out:
Improve search engine results: Best Bets Link
How to launch your site: Launch Itinerary (.pdf)

Register an outside user: Sponsored User Self Registration
Photo editing tools: Adobe, Picasa
Request a calendar: Calendar Request Form