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2010 School of Medicine Newsroom Archives

University of Colorado School of Medicine developments, breakthroughs and news accounts through March 2011. For current news please go our Newsroom.  


James Hill

People at High Altitude Tend to Live Longer 

CU and Harvard researchers found that heart disease kills fewer people high altitude than at lower elevations. News-Medical.Net >>

James Hill

Let's Move! Can it Make a Dent in the Childhood Obesity Problem?  

James Hill, PhD, the director of the Colorado Nutrition Obesity Research Center, supports the Let's Move! program. Los Angeles Times >>

Altitude Research Research Center

Military Seeks Remedy for Troops' Altitude Sickness 

Dr. Robert Roach, director of the Altitude Research Center at the University of Colorado, is working to validate previous test results that showed screening for six genetic elements, was able to predict with 96% accuracy which individauls would fall ill from Acute Mountain Sickness. The Wall Street Journal >>

UCH is First Colorado Hospital to Offer MRI-Compatible Pacemakers 

Patients in the Rocky Mountain region will now have access to pacemakers that tolerate Magnetic Resonance Imaging machines. University of Colorado Hospital is the fourth hospital in the nation to take advantage of the new technology. News release >>

Fisher House Offers Home Away from Home for Vets, Families 

A two-story house on Anschutz Medical Campus serves as free place to stay for veterans and their families in need of medical care. Denver Post >>

Celebrities Help Celebrate World Down Syndrome Day 

The Children's Hospital and the Sie Center hosted Broncos, beauty queens and students in an event recognzing people with Down Syndrome. Aurora Sentinel >> 

U.S. News & World Report Annual Medical School Survey

New rankings show the strength of the CU School of Medicine.
U.S. News & World Report >>

Aspen Man Buys Given Institute for $13.8 Million 

Jonathan Lewis, who lives next  door to the Given Institute, has agreed to buy the property from CU to save the area from intensive development. CU announced its intention to sell the land more than a year ago because of cuts to higher education funding. Aspen Daily News >>

CU Doctors Track Down Source of Infection - Alcohol Wipes 

When a rare bacteria began infecting bloodstreams of patients at The Children's Hospital, an investigation by CU physicians turned up contaminated alcohol wipes as the culprit. MSNBC >>

Human Cells Used for Spinal Cord Injury Repair

For the first time, scientists discovered that a specific type of human cell, generated from stem cells and transplanted into spinal cord injured rats, provides tremendous benefit, not only repairing damage to the nervous system but helping the animals regain locomotor function as well. Denver Post, News Release >>

Attendance Grows at Learn About Cancer Day

The University of Colorado Cancer Center is expanding its Learn About Cancer Day to twice a year to accommodate all the students interested meeting survivors and learning about science and research. Aurora Sentinel >>

Heart of All Ages Event Nets $300,000

A University of Colorado Hospital Foundation fundraiser garnered record donations and attendance. This year's proceeds wll benefit the hospital's transplant program. Aurora Sentinel >>

High-altitude training offers clues to fighting lethal problems

When the body is  deprived of oxygen during a major surgery, the kidneys, heart muscles or lungs  can be injured as a result. The problem is that lack of oxygen can lead to inflammation. The answer appears to lie at the molecular level. The body can signal a helpful response to deal with low oxygen levels. SOM Newsroom >>

Skywalk Links Anschutz and Fitzsimons Village

A 163-foot span linking an office/retail/hotel complex on the south side of Colfax Avenue to the University of Colorado Anschutz Center will open this spring. UCD Network >>

Obama Budget Cuts Hit Children's, Medicaid

The president's budget proposal could mean a $7 million loss used to train doctors at The Children's Hospital and could impact Medicaid fees that have expanded coverage to the poor. Denver Post >>

Pulling Back on Asthma Medicine Can Be Effective

CU School of Medicine Professor and National Jewish Researcher Stanley Szefler, MD, took part in a study published in Lancet that shows that cutting back on steroid treatments is more effective than stopping abruptly. Denver Post >>

Kaiser Joins Cancer Center Consortium

The University of Colorado Cancer Center has added Kaiser Permanente Colorado’s Institute for Health Research as its ninth research consortium member. Denver Business Journal >>

Use of Robot Reduces Patient Recovery Time

Use of the Da Vinci robot, a long-time tool in gynecological and prostate surgeries, has been expanded to head and neck cancers at University of Colorado Hospital. 9News >>

Med Student Advises Rural Kids on Success Strategies

Third-year student Jennifer Murphy coached pre-med students at Northeastern Junior College in Sterling on overcoming insecurity and adversity in order to get into medical school. Journal Advocate >>

Given Institute Sale Falls Through

A developer who had offered the School of Medicine $13.8 to buy the Given property in Aspen has walked away from the deal after months of negotiations with the city about preserving the structure and many of the property's trees. Aspen Daily News >>

Springs Shoots for Med School Class by 2013

Fundraising is underway for medical students to begin training in Colorado Springs within two years. Ten years of funding will be needed to start the program. Aurora Sentinel, Denver Post >>

Prestigious Award Honors CU's J. John Cohen

Saying Cohen "has dedicated his career to thinking of new ways to share the excitement and importance of science with the general public,” the American Association for the Advancement of Science will recognize the professor of immunology and medicine with the 2010 Award for Public Understanding of Science & Technology.Voice of America, Aurora Sentinel, News release >>

Early Mammograms Halt Breast Cancer

CU researchers say that starting yearly mammograms at the age of 40 reduces breast cancer deaths by 40 percent. When screening begins at 50, the reduction rate is 23 percent. The Medical News >>

CEO Announced for University Physicians, Inc.

Jane T. Schumaker, former associate dean for administration at University of Chicago medical school, will lead the CU School of Medicine practice plan for CU physicians. News release >>

Grant Money Encourages Tailored Medical Treatment

A $2.2 million grant will help the School of Medicine and the Anschutz Medical Campus procure cutting-edge tools to improve the field of personalized medicine. News release >>

Medical Tourism Grows

Hundreds of thousands of people go abroad each year to take advantage of medical procedures unavailable in the U.S. or that are cheaper in foreign countries. CU Otolaryngologist Arlen Meyers says doctors vary in their willingness to help these patients before and after the trip. ENT Today >>

Rocker Helps CU Center

Jon Bon Jovi's fundraiser for Anschutz Medical Campus' Center for Dependency, Addiction and Rehabilitation (CeDAR) sold out the Colorado Convention Center. Denver Post >>

CU Cafe Scientifique is the Nation's Oldest, Founder Says

The Cafe Scientifique concept has expanded to at least 150 cities in the U.S. Denver claims the first chapter, which started in 2003 and became so popular that it recently expanded to a second location. USA Today >>

Two Diabetes Drugs May Be Boosting Cancer Metastases

The CU Cancer Center has received a $1.4 million grant to determine why two popular diabetes drugs which also can prevent lung cancer in some patients, could have the opposite effect in other cases. Health News Digest >>

Gene Test Shows if Bladder Cancer Has Spread

CU Cancer Center researchers led by urologic surgeon Dan Theodorescu, MD, PhD, say they can predict if cancer has moved to a patient's lymph nodes, which can help physicians better determine chemotherapy options.
Eurekalert >>

Local Consortium Signals Interest in Buying Given Institute

Two Aspen groups may be willing to purchase the Given Institute land that is now slated for residential development, an idea unpopular with many residents. Aspen Daily News >>

CeDAR Grads Tell Stories of Recovery

For five years, the Center for Dependency, Addiction and Rehabilitation at CU School of Medicine has helped people overcome addiction problems. Four graduates recount their journey to recovery. Denver Post >>

CU Doctor Advises on End of Life Dilemmas

Stacy Fischer, MD, who has spent years studying how different societies deal with death, talked with Wisconsin Public Radio about end of life issues. WPR broadcast >>

Ethics Rules Tighten in Wake of ProPublica Report

The School of Medicine, National Jewish and Denver Health will review and tighten ethics rules to rein in drug company payments to physicians. A small percentage of doctors have been found to have ignored or disobeyed school disclosure rules. ProPublica, Denver Post >>

Researcher Finds Clue to Curing Lung Inflammation

As many as 100,000 people die each year from lung inflammation, which is often triggered by severe trauma such as extensive burns or bone fractures. A School of Medicine researcher may have found a way to control runaway inflammation. Medical News Today >>

Synergy Tackles Teen Addiction with Multi-Prong Approach

CU School of Medicine's Synergy program offers a model dealing with a wide range of symptoms that looks at all areas of a patient's life.
Aurora Sentinel >>

Alumnus to Lead State Department of Public Health and Environment

Gov. John Hickenlooper has named Chris Urbina to be the state's chief medical officer. Urbina is currently the director of Denver Public Health at Denver Health. Public Health press release >>

Bridge to Link Anschutz to New Development

Colfax Avenue will close briefly Jan. 21 when a pedestrian bridge is scheduled to begin spanning the distance between Anschutz Medical Campus to the north and a new complex of office space and businesses including a Marriott hotel to the south. Aurora Sentinel >>

Stalemate Causes Tensions in Aspen

The Given Institute sale remains on hold as community leaders protest the plan to develope three big homes on the property, and School of Medicine Dean Richard Krugman insists that the school will not drop the price of the land. Aspen Daily News >>

Study Helps Breast Cancer Victims with Weight Loss

Weight gain after breast cancer treatment is a common problem for survivors. A new CU study aims to find the best approach to help take off those pounds. Denver Post >>

Rural Track Program Applauds Successes

CU's Center of Excellence in Rural Training honored Salud Family Health Center and the Colorado Plains Medical Center for their help in increasing the number of health care workers in rural areas. The Fort Morgan Times >>

Deaths from Epidurals and Spinal Blocks Rare but Increasing

The number of women who die in childbirth from complications of anesthesiology is dropping, but the trend is reversed for those who undergo regional anesthesia, a CU researcher says. Reuters >>

New Drug Helps Cystic Fibrosis Patients

CU's Frank Accurso, MD, says denufosol is the first medication to address the cause of the genetic disease - not just treat symptoms. ABC News >>

Ryan Martyn

Iraq War Vet to Join CU Class of 2015

Watching trauma surgeons save lives in the field convinced Ryan Martyn that he should attend medical school. KKTV,  NewsFirst5 >>

School of Medicine Reviews Doctors' Pharma Links

Following a report by ProPublica, CU School of Medicine and three other universities are investigating doctors who have given paid promotional talks for pharmaceutical companies. The public watchdog group reported 13 CU docs on the list. ProPublica >>

Bruce Schroffel

University of Colorado Hospital Leader Honored

Bruce Schroffel is named Denver Post’s Business Person of the Year. He’s described as a person with a big heart who gets things done. The Denver
Post >>

WELLS Center Takes Emergency Medicine to Students

The Work Education and Lifelong Learning Simulation Center at Anschutz Medical Campus travels to hospitals and classrooms equipped with high-tech mannequins to teach first-responders how to react in an emergencies. The Aurora Sentinel >>

Anschutz a Linchpin for Aurora Tourism

As restaurants, hotels and other businesses grow around the Anschutz Medical Campus and new Veterans Administration medical complex, Aurora will see more tourism dollars.  The Denver Post >>

CU Focuses on Rural Medical Care

Students in the School of Medicine's Rural Track spend several months in small towns as part of an effort to increase health care options in areas lacking physicians. Colorado Municipal League >>

Clean Living Causes Depression?

CU researcher Christopher A. Lowry, PhD, co-authored a study that looks at the relationship between depression and the loss of healthy bacteria caused by people living in today's cleaner modern society. Science Daily >>

CU Doctor Leads Medical Error Study

Philip Stahel, MD, says mistakes that cause patient injury continue to happen despite new rules that should eliminate problems. Colorado Public Radio >>

'Track' Programs Touch Underserved Populations

Urban and Rural study tracks guide students at Anschutz Medical Campus toward helping underserved populations in Colorado. Colorado Healthcare
News >>

Mother's Pregnancy Diet Impacts Child's Taste

A major new study by School of Medicine researchers shows that a mother’s diet physically changes the brain, directly impacting what the infant eats and drinks. Medical PDF >>

CU Doc Grateful for Football-playing Friend with a Defibrillator 

Ches Thompson, an ob-gyn at University of Colorado Hospital, had a heart attack one year ago while playing a Thanksgiving football game. He credits his neighbors - one of whom had a defibrillator in his truck - with saving his life. Denver Post >>

Anschutz Medical Campus Sets the Example

Leaders in Riverside, CA, are looking closely at the success the former Fitzsimons Army Medical Center as they prepare to re-invent March Air Reserve Base. Press-Enterprise >>

HIV Vaccine Study Underway

Doctors at the School of Medicine will use a new vaccine developed by researchers at the National Institutes of Health and patterned after a recent one in Thailand that offered “a glimmer of hope.” 7News >>

Aspen Considers Reserving Some Given Property

The city is researching whether a non-profit might be interested in buying part of the Given Institute property as well as the building. Aspen Daily News >>

Thyroid Cancer Test Eliminates Need for Surgery

Doctors at the School of Medicine are using a genomic approach to evaluate whether patients have thyroid cancer, a diagnosis that up until now has often meant surgery. Press release >>

School of Medicine Ranks 5th in Primary Care Nationally

U.S. College Rankings has released its 2010 list of top schools in the country. The CU School of Medicine received high marks in all three health categories. USCollegeRankings.Org: Primary Care, Research, Internal Medicine >> 

Researchers Seek Quick Development of Breast Cancer Drugs

University of Colorado Hospital researchers, in conjunction with staff from 20 other cancer centers, are looking for the best treatments for different types of breast cancer tumors. Aurora Sentinel >>

Defibrillator Registry Could Save Lives 

The School of Medicine and the FDA are developing a pilot program to map the locations of automated external defibrillators to help bystanders quickly find life-saving equipment. 9 News, Press release >>

CU Medicine Today Fall 2010 Edition Publishes 

Read CU Medicine Today to learn about a device nicknamed the “bionic pancreas,” a former Buffaloes football star who’s now the team doctor, medical school leaders creating a health care profession in South Africa and other stories at the School of Medicine. Press release >>

New Down Syndrome Medical Director Named 

Nationally renowned pediatric developmental expert Francis James Hickey, MD, has been named medical director of the John J. Sie Center for Down Syndrome at The Children's Hospital. Press release >>

Freudian Therapy Works 

Psychotherapy, which has lost popularity in favor of quick-fix therapies, still gets good results, says Jonathan Shedler, an associate professor at the University of Colorado Medical School. Sydney Morning Herald >>

Dog Bites Come from All Breeds 

A School of Medicine researcher looked at hundreds of dog bites to determine if one breed is more likely than others to bite children. USA Today >> 

Given Sale in Final Negotiations Phase 

The Aspen city attorney says a final deal is in the works for the School of Medicine to sell the Given Institute to a developer.

Lung Cancer Treatment Works

Patients with a specific type of lung cancer are responding to a treatment that CU doctors are using to treat the gene that propels the cancer. ScienceBlog >>

Anschutz Schools Join Enormous Study on Children

The schools of Medicine and Public Health will take part in a historic 25-year national research study to track children's health, environment and genetics. Aurora Sentinel >>

Update on the Given Institute

It's been nearly half a year since the university announced it will sell the Aspen property, and a potential deal is still in the works.
The Aspen Times >>

Low-Cost Diet Programs Work

Researchers looked into all types of weight loss programs and learned that the cheaper options work as well as well as expensive ones. Denver Post >> 

Dean Richard Krugman

School of Medicine's Next Challenge: Clinical Transformation

In his 2010 State of the School address, Dean Richard Krugman highlights the school's successes and upcoming challenges. News story >>


University of Colorado Hospital

Surgical Errors Can Happen

A study of doctors in Colorado showed that surgeons are reporting operations performed on the wrong body parts and even the wrong people despite efforts to end medical errors. Associated Press >>


University of Colorado Hospital

UCH Named Top 10 Hospital

University of Colorado Hospital was recognized as a "rising star" and ranked 8th best academic hospital in the nation by University HealthSystems Consortium. UCH Insider >>

Russell Moore

School of Medicine Doctor Named CU Provost

Russell L. Moore, an adjunct professor in cardiology, has been named the newest CU provost and executive vice chancellor for academic affairs. CU Independent >>

UCH Streamlines Medical Data for Patients

The University of Colorado Hospital will spent $67 million to integrate more than 120 data programs into one database to minimize miscommunication. Denver Post >>  

Given Institute is Under Contract to Unidentified Buyer

A private buyer is offering $15 million to the School of Medicine for the Given property and is in negotiations with the city of Aspen to preserve the building. Aspen Daily News >> 

School of Medicine Doctors Train Medical Students in Zimbabwe

CU doctors have received NIH funding to teach doctors in Africa about HIV. The $1.9 million gift to CU is part of a $130 million national grant from the federal government. Eureka Alert >>

Cancer Center Breakthrough

Cancer Center researcher Chuan-Yuan Li, PhD, and his group have discovered that so-called "grim-reaper" caspase genes are the gatekeepers that can open the door to allow differentiated adult cells to regress to undifferentiated iPSCs. Eureka Alert >>

Cord Blood Bank

Minorities to Benefit from Cord Blood Grant

A $6.3 million government grant will help CU's Cord Blood Bank collect umbilical cord blood that will be used to treat patients with blood-related illnesses such as leukemia. Denver Business Journal, Denver Post >>

Visible Human Project

Celebrities Raise Funds for Down Syndrome

The annual star-studded fashion show Be Beautiful Be Yourself grossed $1.45 million for the Global Down Syndrome Foundation and CU's Linda Crnic Institute for Down Syndrome. Denver Post >>














Top Docs

"There's Always Hope"

CU's Depression Center work to improve education surrounding depression was highlighted during Suicide Prevention Month. Aurora Sentinel >>

Top Docs

 Top Docs

 Many of the physicians chosen by 5280 magazine are from the School of Medicine.  UC Denver News >>

Robb Winn, MD

 Man of distinction

 Robert Winn, MD, is honored as one of “10 Men of Distinction, Excellence and Leadership”  Denver Post >>

Given Institute

Given hosting last conference

After nearly 40 years, the Institute is hosting its final meeting as a CU facility. It’s on “quandaries in healthcare.”  Aspen Daily News >>

Given Institute

Aspen Delays Given Institute rezoning

Officials in the mountain town have extended the deadline for a vote
on changing the zoning of the institute, which is run by the CU School of Medicine. Aspen Times >>

Body Scan

Medical School Doctor Offers Scan Expertise

Peter Buttrick, MD, head of the Cardiology Division, gives guidance to an investigative reporter on how often people should get scans to detect medical issues. KMGH-TV. Channel 7 News >>

JJ Cohen

Hundreds Flock to Mini Med School 

Students ranging from teenagers and their parents to engineers and retirees come to Anschutz Medical Campus every Wednesday for eight weeks to learn the basics of anatomy, physiology, microbiology, immunology and cancer. Aurora Sentinel >>

Lilly Marks

Lilly Marks Oversees $1 Billion Anschutz Budget 

CU's new vice president for health affairs and executive vice chancellor of the Anschutz Medical Campus will need to rely on her financial savvy as state dollars dwindle and the education budget shrinks. Aurora Sentinel >>

Researchers Identify New Type of Fat 

A study by obesity expert Dwight Klemm shows that fat cells that tend to accumulate deep in the belly could harm your health.  Colorado Public Radio >>

Child Care Center Construction Begins 

Children's Hospital has begun work on a 22,000-square-foot day-care center on Anschutz Medical Campus. Aurora Sentinel >>

Cancer Center Develops Cervical Cancer Vaccine for Poor 

Researchers are ready to begin clincial trials for a new, less expensive drug that could be used in developing countries where cervical cancer is rampant.  Business Journal >>

Gore's Medical Miracle

A Gunnison family tells the TODAY show about the medical care that saved their 2-year-old son after he fell into a fast-moving river. The Children's Hospital >>

Aspen Postpones Rezoning Decision for Given

A measure that would have redesignated CU's Given Institute property for educational use - and barring residential development - has been tabled indefinitely. Aspen Times >>

Student Enrollment Rises 5 Percent at Anschutz

The number of students attending CU rose on three of four campuses this year, with CU Boulder dropping by 1 percent. Record enrollment was reported at Anschutz Medical Campus, Denver and Colorado Springs. Press release >>

Given Institute in Aspen

Given Buyers Consider Retaining Landmark Buildings

Two possible buyers of the Given Institute in Aspen say they would consider keeping the building intact in light of the city's recent zoning proposal.
Aspen Times >>

Ruling Puts "Cloud Over Research"

A recent court ruling that bans federal funding for embryonic stem cell research has chilled the research enviroment, says Dennis Roop, director CU's Charles C. Gates Center for Regenerative Medicine and Stem Cell Biology. Denver Post >>

Couple donates "A Stunning Gift"

The estate of local farmers and developers, Joseph and Rose LaConte, has bequeathed the CU School of Medicine and Anschutz Medical Campus $1.9 million to be split between the Department of Neurology and the Division of Cardiology. Press release >>

Zoning Change Could Threaten Sale of Given Institute

Aspen City Council's move to rezone the Given Institute property could scare away potential buyers. Aspen Times, Huffington Post, Aspen Daily News >>

Groundbreaking for CU Health and Wellness Center

A 94,000-square-foot center that will serve as a national model for the melding of health and wellness programs will open in spring of 2012. Denver Business Journal, YouTube video, Aurora Sentinal >>

VA Announces Englewood Contractor for New Campus

The Department of Veterans Affairs has taken another step toward construction of its $800 million treatment center next to Anschutz Medical Campus. 

UCH, Children's Lead Local Hospital Boom

Metro area hospitals are funding expansions totalling $2 billion in response to rising demand and predictions of population increases.  Denver Post >>

Andrew Thorburn, MD

New Pharmacology Chair Skirts Disaster for Charity

Andrew Thorburn, PhD, helped raise money for the Cancer League of Colorado by rappelling down a Denver high-rise while wearing a kilt. Denver Post >>

Universty of Colorado Hospital

Clinic Turns Away Medicare Patients

Saying they can no longer afford to provide treatment, the Urology Clinic has stopped taking Medicaid patients, and the Internal Medicine clinic is turning away Medicare patients.

Research at CU

CU Doctor Awarded $300,000 Research Grant

The Muscular Dystrophy Association has recognized Dr. Kurt Beam, a professor of the School of Medicine's Physiology and Biophysics Department, for his work on skeletal muscles.

Mini Med School begins Sept. 15.

Mini Med School is Designed for All Ages

Anschutz Medical Campus' free annual weekly lessons on the science of modern medicine begin Sept. 15 and will run for eight weeks. Mini Med School, which will be held on campus for the first time ths year, attracts hundreds of learners of all ages and is broadcast via satellite around Colorado.

Aspen Won't Buy Given - for Now

The Aspen City Council rejected a plan to ask voters if it should buy the Given Institute from the School of Medicine for $15 million, saying the amount was too high.  Aspen Times >>

"Filled with Enormous Promise" 

As Anschutz Medical Campus grows in size and numbers, so does its reputation. 9News>>

Wellness Center Aims to Keep Coloradans Slim 

Anschutz Medical Campus' new Wellness Center will invite the public to join research studies, education classes and exercise regimens when it opens in 2012. It's part of an effort to improve nutrition and exercise among Coloradans.  Denver Post, CBS4, Daily Camera >>

HVP Vaccinaton Debate 

Health professionals are divided on whether to require boys to be vaccinated against the human papillomavirus, a sexually transmitted disease that can cause cervix cancer. School of Medicine professor and pediatrician Matt Daley says the CDC recommends vaccinating girls only. 

Rural Track Sends Doctors Far Afield

Educating health care professionals to meed medical needs in underserved rural areas is a big priority for Anschutz Medical Campus.  

Records Affirm CU's Subsidy of Given Institute

An investigation by the Aspen Daily News supports CU's assertion that the university has spent between $150,000 and $234,000 annually for the past four years to keep the Given Institute running. 

CU Scientists Attract $847 Million in Grants

Anschutz Medical Campus and the downtown campus brought in $385 million of the total dollars. The Boulder Camera reports that most of the money is spoken for. Breakdown of dollars >>

Reinventing Cancer Research

Dr. Dan Theodorescu, the new director of the Colorado Cancer Center, says he wants to see new approaches to cancer research by taking advantage of strengths in Colorado's multidisciplinary research. CBS 4 story >>

Researchers Discover New Fat Cell

A fat cell that develops from stem cells in the bone marrow may help to explain the link between types of obesity and heart disease. 7News story >>

Children's Breaks Ground on New Tower

A 10-story, 350,000-square-foot expansion to the hospital’s patient tower will increase capacity to about 500 beds. KWGN story >>

CPC Move Will Ensure Closer Ties with Anschutz

A major research company is teaming up with Anschutz Medical Campus to help translate stem cell discoveries to patient care. The Medical News story >>

CU, Aspen Negotiate Final Detail on Given Institute

The city of Aspen wants proof that the university has a buyer who is offering $17 million for the conference center before the city asks voters to buy the property.

School of Medicine Tests New HIV Drug

Tenofovir, a gel and tablet that CU Dr. Amie Meditz calls the biggest medical breakthrough she has seen in her career, is the subject of research trials at
Anschutz Medical Campus.

$16 Million Approved for Anschutz Interchange

The city of Aurora will receive funding for the final phases of the Interstate 225 and Colfax Avenue/17th Place interchange, which will serve the Anschutz Medical Campus.

National Jewish Ranks 1st in the Nation

For the 13th year in a row, National Jewish Health, where many University of Colorado doctors practice, came out on top in a national survey of pulmonologists, according to U.S. News and World Report. 

UCH Awarded High Marks in News Survey

University of Colorado Hospital has been ranked in four specialties in the upcoming edition of U.S. News & World Report's 2010-11 Best Hospitals.  Denver Business Journal story >>

New Center for Advanced Maternal Fetal Medicine

Two Anschutz Medical Campus institutions - The Children's Hospital and University of Colorado Hospital - have joined forces to offer care for high-risk pregnant women and their babies.  Denver Post story >>

Frederic Kolhouse, Hematology Expert, Dies June 17

Dr. Kolhouse helped initiate a CU program in which specialists visit rural hospitals to cut down on travel to Denver for patients and to give them more options for treatment.

CU Scientists Named Boettcher Investigators

A new grant program that supports biomedical research and advances the world's understanding of cancer, Parkinson's and other health problems has honored three CU doctors.

Cages Affect Mouse Brains

The type of cage a mouse lives in can change research results in laboratories, says CU's Neuroscience Program director Diego Restrepo.

Children's Expansion Includes 124 New Beds

A 10-story tower on the Anschutz Medical Campus that will help relieve increased patient load at The Children's Hospital will be completed by fall 2012.

Med Students Get "Rural Immersion" 

Fourteen students studying rural medicine visited Delta County to learn more about medical care outside urban settings.  Stories by Colorado Public Radio and Delta County Independent.

Springs Group Studies Med School Branch 

A plan by a group of economic development supporters would bring two dozen medical students to Colorado Springs hospitals.

CU Improves Women's Health through Research 

The Center for Women's Health Research focuses on women's medical issues to make up for many years in which health studies around the country excluded women.

Bruce Benson

Benson: Funding Plan Could Hurt CU

A draft plan that would reduce state funding to educational institutions that successfully raise money from private donors could cause damage to CU's budget.


Studying the Placebo Effect

Dr. Tor Wager, a CU professor of psychology, uses magnetic resonance imaging to study the brain and its emotions in an effort to uncover secrets of the placebo effect .


Killing Cancer Stem Cells

The School of Medicine will be the first in the nation to dedicate a program solely to testing drugs that destroy cells at the root of cancer.

Antonia Jimeno, MD

Curing Cancer One Mouse at a Time

School of Medicine's Antonio Jimeno, MD, implants cancer cells from human patients onto mice to help determine the best treatment for patients with head or neck cancer.

Given Institute

Aspen to Seek National Historic Designation for Given

In an effort to pressure CU to abandon plans to demolish the Aspen Institute, a city of Aspen committee will attempty to place the building on the National Register of Historic Places.

Edward McCabe

Executive Director Named for Linda Crnic

Nationally renowned pediatrician and geneticist, Edward R.B. McCabe, MD, PhD, has been tapped to become the first Executive Director of the Linda Crnic Institute for Down Syndrome.

Anschutz Medical Campus

CU, CDC Study Shingles Vaccine Obstacles

Researchers surveyed 600 primary care doctors to find out why they are not recommending the shingles vaccine to patients to combat the painful illness.

Anschutz Medical Campus

Pace of Anschutz Growth Surprises Aurora Leaders

Billions of dollars have poured into the Anschutz Medical Campus in less than five years, but the economy has affected private investment for the land surrounding the campus.

The Children's Hospital

The Children's Hospital Earns Top Rankings

The U.S. News & World Report 2010-11 survey gave high grades to The Children's Hospital on Anschutz Medical Campus. This marks the 17th year that the hospital has been nationally ranked by the magazine. See April rankings for School of Medicine doctors >>

Jerry Wartgow

Former DPS Chief Named Interim UCD Chancellor

CU President Bruce Benson appointed Jerry Wartgow as interim chancellor for the Denver and Anschutz campuses, while Senior Associate Dean Lilly Marks  will take on expanded responsibilities at the Anschutz Medical Campus. >> Press release

Lilly Marks

Lilly Marks to head Anschutz

Lilly Marks' new position as vice president for health affairs and executive vice chancellor of the Anschutz Medical Campus takes advantage of three decades of financial expertise.


Health and Wellness Center Planned at Anschutz

A 100,000 square-foot, four-story facility will open in 2012 for health studies and clinical programs, with a focus on alternative and complementary medicines, holistic wellness, weight management and improving nutrition.

Given Institute

Given Institute to be Demolished and Sold

A buyer has been found for CU's Given Institute property near downtown Aspen, which was donated to the university in the early 1970s for use as a think tank.


UCH Plans $400 million Anschutz Expansion

University of Colorado Hospital will break ground on a 12-story tower as part of a plan to turn the hospital and the rest of the Anschutz Medical Campus into a destination for patients in the Rocky Mountain region. Read an explanation on the relationship between UCH and AMC >> 


Med Students Pay for Low State Funding

State contributions to the School of Medicine haven't changed much since 1982. Next year's $10.9 million check makes up less than 2 percent of the school's annual budget. 

Fitzsimons Village

Fitzsimons Village an Asset to Anschutz

The new development next to Anschutz Medical Center offers the area much-needed office and retail space, plus a Marriott hotel.

Roy Wilson

Chancellor Wilson resigns

Four years into a five-year contract, Roy Wilson will step down as chancellor of both the Denver and Anschutz campuses at the University of Colorado. He will assume the title of chancellor emeritus.


Battling Alzheimer's

Two recent awards to the School of Medicine will help find a cure for Alzheimer's Disease, which affects 5.2 million Americans.  

Health Disparities Conference

Health Equity

Some 250 people participated in a Health Disparities/Health Equity Conference titled “Mobilizing Voices for Change for Health Equity” at Anschutz Medical Campus. 

Who We Are

Top Marks

The University of Colorado School of Medicine once again earned high rankings nationally in the U.S. News & World Report annual survey of medical schools.


Denver, Colorado

Skin Disorder Discovery

New research may lead to breakthrough treatment of the skin-pigmentation disorder called vitiligo.


Health Care

Praise for Anschutz 

Denver Post: Anschutz Medical Campus is a "medical promised land" that has infused $3.5 billion into the state's economy and employs 15,900 people.


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New Stem Cell Center

The new Charles C. Gates Center is expected to draw more research funding to stem-cell programs to expand treatment options for patients.


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Postdocs Give CU High Marks

The Scientist's Best Place's to Work for Postdocs ranked University of Colorado seventh in the nation in 2010.


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Center's Diabetes Care  Lauded

Anschutz's Barbara Davis Center leads the world in diabetes research with a string of breakthroughs, the Denver Post says.


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Legislators Applaud Achievements

Three lawmakers honored the School of Medicine, UCH and the Cancer Center with a joint resolution this month for saving their lives after cancer diagnoses.


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Disease Prevention Discovery

School of Medicine scientists say that the nose may be the first-line defender against disease-causing bacteria.


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Early Start for New Doctors

High-achieving high school grads are starting on the path to medical school earlier via a new UCD program.