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November 2014 Issue

Clinically Speaking Archive

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Antibiotic Stewardship​ (​November 2014)​​

At Children's Hospital, program reduces costs, and unnecessary prescriptions...

Denver, Colorado 

Radiation Oncology: Great Strides (Nove​mber 2014)​

The Radiation Oncology Team shares exciting success with reducing patient wait times by improving processes within... 

Health Care  

Barbara Davis Center (​November 2014)​​ 

Recently ranked #4 in nation by U.S. News and World Report for diabetes and endocrinology service.

Health Care  

NICU Digs​ Deep (November 2014)

Multi-disciplinary team works together to banish central line infections, proving determination to stick with the program can be a recipe for success...

Health Care  

Bits & Pieces (November 2014)​

Get Smart About Antibiotics Week at Childrens​...  CRISP Seminar Series: Heidi Wald, MD​... Missing Link between Vitamin D and Prostate Cancer​...  UCH Emergency Department Jen Wiler, MD, invited to San Francisco to discuss​...  Forty-year Old Mystery Solved by Evalina Burger, MD​...