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Clinically Speaking

January 2018

    Highlighting the important work of the faculty in the University of Colorado School of Medicine to improve care delivery, clinical quality and patient safety.

One of the ways we continue to improve clinical care is by questioning what we think we know. In this issue, you will see how CHCO is working to improve patient safety by examining the science of how we make clinical decisions. At UCH, teams are taking a closer look at the assumptions we make about how we can provide care during a large-scale disaster. And we're featuring two SOM faculty members who model excellence in clinical care by facilitating deeper connections with patients and families. We hope you enjoy reading about your colleagues, and we look forward to hearing how your department is improving clinical care. 

Anne Fuhlbrigge, MD, MS
Senior Associate Dean for Clinical Affairs

Bettina Cuneo MD Jan 2016


Shortcuts to Error?           

Curious about the impact of mental shortcuts in clinical reasoning? Joe Grubenhoff, MD aims to better understand the inherent shortcuts made by the human brain that can lead to errors in judgment.  

Ambulatory Clinics On Time Starts


Disaster Planning: Are We Ready?     

Jason Persoff, MD and Charles Little, DO join forces to prepare University of Colorado Hospital for potential disasters. Having a robust, planned response reduces stress on our doctors and nurses and helps to provide productive care despite marked change in workflow. 

Glucose Mgmt Team


Can Patients find YOU? CU Doctors can Help!  

Having a complete, accurate, online profile with current practice locations and phone numbers, a quality photo, and a thoughtful care philosophy will ensure patients can find you and make appointments. Not sure how to update your profile? Click here.

Amy Tyler, MD


Modeling Excellence in Clinical Care ​ ​​​​​​​​​​​

All of us aspire to provide the best experience for our patients. This issue highlights two faculty members who model excellence by facilitating deeper connections with patients and families: Juan Lessing, MD and Julie Parsons, MD.  


Bits & Pieces

School of Medicine Community Newsroom; Congrats to CHCO Providers​ of the month; International mentorship is win-win​ for cancer researchers in US and China; Improve your Metabolic Flexibility​; RxRevu Partnership to Deliver Next-Generation Prescription Platform​ to Prescribers