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July 2016 Issue

Clinically Speaking Archive

    Highlighting the important work of the faculty in the University of Colorado School of Medicine to improve care delivery, clinical quality and patient safety.

Bettina Cuneo MD Jan 2016​​​​​​​​


Giving New Meaning to Transparency​​​​​ ​ ​ ​​​ ​​​​

Treating more than 20,000 patients each year, CHCO's Heart Institute is one of largest programs of its kind in the country. Outstanding surgical outcomes are just a first step. 

Ambulatory Clinics On Time Starts​​​​​​​​


One Call, Righ​t Time, Right Person​​​​​​​​​​​ ​​​

When one of every four patients are readmitted after 30 days, there's room for improvement. Learn how AF Williams Family Medicine Center reduced the incidence of readmissions by nearly 10%.

Glucose Mgmt Team​​​​​​


When Zero Means Zero​​​​​​​ ​ ​

The Target Zero campaign aims to improve team effectiveness by balancing admonitions with positive interactions.



Modeling Ex​​cellence​​​​​​​​​

All of us aspire to provide the best experience for our patients. This issue features: John Craddock, MD and Heidi Wald, MD, MSPH.  



Bits & Pi​e​ces​​​​​​​​​​​

School of Medicine Community Newsroom​​; Changing of the Guard​; Alcohol Dangers​ for Seniors; Congrats to CHCO Provider​ of the month​: Duncan Wilcox, MD (June); UCHealth taps​ machine learning to boost capacity; How Doctors Used Genealogy to Catch​ Deadly Disease; and m​ore​​​