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February 2016 Issue

Clinically Speaking Archive

Bettina Cuneo MD Jan 2016​​​​


Healing from a​ Distance​​ ​ ​ ​​​ ​​​​

Helping moms deal with the frightening experience of carrying a baby with a heart abnormality is all in a day's work for the team at the Colorado Fetal Care Center. The number of patients who need this level of care is growing.

Ambulatory Clinics On Time Starts​​​​


Rapid Diagnosis, Right Antibiotic​s, Right Time​​​​​​​​ ​​​

With so many pathogens capable of causing infectious diseases, it often takes time to identify the culprit of a patient's illness - sometimes up to 72 hours.

Glucose Mgmt Team​​​


Improving Radiology Turnaround Times​​ ​ ​

Adult and Pediatric radiology faced different challenges with a common theme: how to improve patient care and patient (and provider) experience by decreasing wait time from image to interpretation.



Modeling Ex​​cellence​​​​​​

All of us aspire to provide the best experience for our patients. This issue features: Shikha Sundaram, MD and Craig Hogan, MD.  



Bits & Pi​e​ces​​​​​​​​

Finding a doctor just got easier​;  Neuroendocrine tumors bring unique challenges​; CHCO Meet Our Docs: Jeremy Prager, MD, ENT​; Joel Friedlander, MD​; Hands-on medic​ine​ in a simulated surgical setting: Aortic Aneurysms​; Lone Tree Primary Care wins​ PCMH 'Practice of the Year' award; and Urgent call for a cure​ for Alzheimer's