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Clinic Policies

Clinic Policies

Educational experiences in a clinical learning environment

Dental Student Patient Care System Overview

The School of Dental Medicine Patient Care System is designed to give dental a wide variety of clinical educational experiences while meeting the treatment needs of patients of record. The system is based on vertically integrated comprehensive-care groups with faculty group leaders who act as general dentist mentors. Dental students are enrolled in Comprehensive Patient Care courses beginning with the spring semester of the DS2 year, and continuing through the fall semester of the DS4 year. International Student Program first years begin this process in the Spring semester.

The primary goal of the Comprehensive Care Program is to fulfill our school’s commitment to providing a clinical learning environment which is patient-centered rather than procedure-oriented, yet still provides students a sufficient number and breadth of clinical experiences. The most important expectation and responsibility of dental students in the Comprehensive Care Clinic is that they deliver, in a timely manner, the comprehensive dental treatment appropriate to each patient. Each individual patient’s oral health needs, personal preferences, and their social, economic, and emotional circumstances must be sensitively considered. It is expected that students attend all scheduled clinic sessions and provide ethical, high quality, patient-centered care in all circumstances.