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University of Colorado Denver

University of Colorado Denver School of Medicine

Dental Medicine Research Faculty

Contacts and Areas of Interest

Craniofacial Biology faculty at the School of Dental Medicine hold primary appointments in the Department of Craniofacial Biology, and secondary appointments in various departments in the School of Medicine or in the Department of Chemical and Biological Engineering at the University of Colorado Campus in Boulder.

Secondary faculty members hold their primary appointments in various departments in the School of Medicine or in the Department of Chemical and Biological Engineering.
All faculty are members of the Graduate School at the University of Colorado Anschutz Medical Campus or UC Denver School of Engineering and Applied Sciences in Boulder, and are members of various Graduate Training Programs.

Primary Appointments

Faculty Member Research Interests
Faculty Member Research Interest
Lynn Heasley, Ph.D., Chair Role of autocrine and parachrine signaling through polypeptide growth factors and receptor tyrosine kinases in lung cancer and head and neck cancer
Kristin Artinger, Ph.D. Molecular, genetic and developmental mechanisms involved in the patterning of the neural crest during vertebrate embryogenesis. Learn more!
Clifton Carey, Ph.D.​
Dental caries, early childhood caries, dental erosion and abrasion, remineralization - calcium and phosphates, fluoride to prevent caries, dentifrices, fluoride varnish, oral rinses, biofilms - related to caries, dental standards
David Clouthier, Ph.D. Developmental craniofacial and cardiovascular biology
Cheng-Jun Hu Roles of HIF-1d and HIF-2d in hypoxic response and tumor progression
Mary Reyland, Ph.D. Role of Protein Kinase C in salivary gland apoptosis and in cancer
Jeffrey Stansbury, Ph.D. Polymeric biomaterials with efforts directed towards synthesis of new materials, development of analytical characterization methods, and photopolymerization studies
Trevor Williams, Ph.D. Transcription factors that regulate vertebrate embryogenesis and cancer

Secondary Appointments

Faculty Member Research Interests
Faculty Member Research Interest
Steve Anderson, Ph.D. Signal transduction by cytokine receptors, regulation of apoptosis, mammary gland development, breast cancer, salivary gland apoptosis
Kristi Anseth, Ph.D. Biomaterials, photopolymerization, tissue engineering, drug delivery, regenerative biology
Linda Barlow, Ph.D. Taste systems of vertebrates during embryogenesis
Stephanie Byrant, Ph.D. Bioengineering, biomaterials, functional tissue engineering, regenerative biology
Christopher Bowman, Ph.D. Biomaterials, photopolymerization, reaction kinetics, polymer chemistry
Tom Finger, Ph.D. Neuroscience with focus on morphology and function of solitary chemoreceptor cell, the role of neurotrophins in the development of taste buds, the processing of neural signals that underlie taste-mediated feeding behavior
Lee Niswander, Ph.D. Cellular and molecular interactions that control embryonic development and pattern formation
Diego Restrepo, Ph.D. Utilization of a systems level approach incorporating molecular, mouse genetic, biophysical, and behavioral approaches to understanding complex stimulus integration by the murine olfactory system
Richard Spritz, M.D. Molecular basis of human genetic diseases including mapping, discovery, and mutational and functional analysis of genes that affect craniofacial development.
Andrew Thorburn, Ph.D. Regulation of apoptosis in cancer development and treatment