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Summer Research 2012

Summer Research Scholarship Program

Pre-Student Research Opportunity

Dental School Applicants

Pre-student Summer Research Scholarship Program

Take advantage of the School of Dental Medicine’s Summer Research Scholarship Program! You will have an experience that will influence how you practice dentistry. You will learn to distinguish evidence-based science from “hype.” You will learn to appreciate and evaluate new research findings and how to apply them to clinical practice.

You will also earn some money while becoming introduced to the dental school before you start here.

Why should dental students engage in research?

Dental students traditionally learn basic and clinical sciences including appropriate treatment modalities and methods that are necessary to become competent practitioners. Continuing progress in dental research has enhanced accuracy in diagnosis and has improved patient management. Therefore, both clinical training and oral health research serve to improve the dental care provided to the public.

You will also be well prepared to compete for opportunities to travel, with financial support, to present your research at venues throughout the country.

You will also eligible to participate in our Research Day at the school where we can showcase the research activities of our students.   You can display at Research Day what you have accomplished in dentally related research before you even started in the curriculum.

The program 

The University of Colorado School of Dental Medicine, supports a Summer Research Scholarship Program, enabling eligible students to experience basic science or clinical research for a sustained period of time during the summer prior to beginning their dental studies.

Depending on the level of accomplishment, students may have the opportunity to present their research at the annual American Association for Dental Research (AADR) meeting as well as other national meetings.

  • MENTORS: Students will conduct a research project under the direction of a faculty member in the School of Dental Medicine.
  • DURATION: 8 weeks (320 hours)
  • BEGINNING: May-June before your first term
  • STIPEND: based on hours
  • ELIGIBILITY: Students who have been accepted and have paid their deposit to the University of Colorado, School of Dental Medicine, are invited to apply. Research activities will be under the mentorship of a faculty member listed below. This highly competitive award is intended to provide a select number of students an opportunity to engage in oral health research during the summer prior to starting their dental training. The applicants must be able to complete the proposed research during the award period.
  • HOW TO APPLY: Visit our website to learn more about our faculty and specific projects in their laboratories. If interested and eligible, please e-mail Dr. Sheldon Newman, Faculty Advisor of the Colorado Student Research Group,  or call 303-724-1045. We have limited slots available each summer, so if interested please contact Dr. Newman as soon as possible.

Possible Faculty Mentors

The following faculty members have worked with students in the past. If a faculty area of interest aligns with yours, then you may connect with the faculty member directly. If you have an interest area not indicated by one of the faculty below, then please contact Dr. Newman. Additional faculty may be available.

  • Kristin Artinger, PhD, Associate Professor, Department of Craniofacial Biology. Development of neural crest and craniofacial structures using the zebrafish and mouse models.
  • Diane Brunson, RDH, MPH, Department of Applied Dentistry. Her specialty area is public health dentistry, which includes assessing oral health status, evaluation of access-to-care programs, and development of policy strategies for improving understanding of the relevance of oral health to general health.
  • Clifton Carey, PhD, Professor, Department of Craniofacial Biology. His specialty is remineralization of tooth structure and TX of caries. He is also involved with clinical research.
  • David Clouthier, PhD, Associate Professor, Department of Craniofacial Biology. His specialties include developmental craniofacial and cardiovascular biology.
  • David Gozalo, DDS, MS, Assistant Professor, Department of Restorative Dentistry. His specialty interest is prosthodontics, dental color and dental implants.
  • Lynn Heasley, PhD, Professor, Chair of Craniofacial Biology. His specialties are signal transduction and cell biology of lung cancer and head-and-neck cancer.
  • Cheng-Jun Hu, PhD, Assistant Professor, Department of Craniofacial Biology. His specialties include the role of hypoxia (low oxygen) response on head-and-neck cancer progression.
  • Lonnie Johnson, DDS, PhD, Professor, Department of Surgical Dentistry, and Sr. Associate Dean for Clinics. His specialties include the efficacy of bovine-derived bone grafts in periodontal disease.
  • Donald Kleier, DMD, Professor, Chair of Endodontics. His specialty interest is endodontics.
  • Sheldon Newman, DDS, MS, Associate Professor, Biomaterials, Department of Restorative Dentistry and Department of Orthodontics. His specialty is research in all areas of dental materials, polymers, metals and TX and interactions with tooth structure. He also is involved with clinical research.
  • Mary Reyland, PhD, Associate Professor, Department of Craniofacial Biology. Her specialties are salivary gland biology, cancer, and apoptosis.
  • Elizabeth Shick, DDS, MPH, Assistant Professor, Department of Pediatric Dentistry. Her specialty interest is treatment of pediatric patients.
  • Jeffrey Stansbury, PhD, Vice-chair, Department of Craniofacial Biology; Sr. Associate Dean for Research; Director, Biomaterials Research Laboratory. His research interests include polymeric biomaterials, photopolymerization and tissue engineering.
  • Trevor Williams, PhD, Associate Professor, Department of Craniofacial Biology and Director of Transgenic/Knockout Core Facility. His specialties include developmental craniofacial biology and cancer biology.

Contact Information:


​Dr. Sheldon Newman

Faculty Advisor to the Student Research Group

Biomaterials, Mail Stop 8310

2800 East 19th Avenue

Aurora, CO 8004

Phone: 303-724-1045


Jeffrey W. Stansbury, PhD

Senior Associate Dean for Research

Professor/Co-Chair, Dept Craniofacial Biology

12800 E 19th Ave/RC1-North – Rm 2104

 Mail Stop 8310

University of Colorado School of Dental Medicine

Aurora, CO 80045

phone: (+1)303.724.1044




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