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University of Colorado Denver

University of Colorado Denver School of Medicine

International Student Program (ISP)

Frequently Asked Questions


 Do I have to send a 2x2 photo picture?


 How many students are enrolled annually?


 Will my application be reviewed if a document is missing?

No, the admissions committee will only review applications that are complete.3

 What is the procedure to reapply for the next academic year?

Applicants will have to file a new application either through CAAPID or directly to our school through a Paper Application.4

 Can I apply with a medical degree?

No, only applicants who have earned a dental degree (BDS, DDS, DMD, Odontology, Stomatology) are eligible to apply.5

 Is NBDE Part 2 an admission requirement?

No, but is highly encouraged.6

 Can I apply to the ISP program and take the National Board - Part I exam in the near future?

The application will not be considered for the program without proof that all 4 sections of NBDE Part 1 have been passed.7

 What is the minimum score required by SODM ISP on TOEFL exam?

We require an internet-based test (IBT) minimum score of 94, a paper based best minimum score of 580. Applications with out the minimum scores will not be considered.8

 Do I have to take the TOEFL?

Yes, everyone applying to the ISP program must take the TOEFL exam even if English is your first language. Scores must be submitted to the ISP program. No exceptions.9

 If I already have a degree from a U.S. university/college, do I still have to take the TOEFL exam? 

Yes, everyone applying to the ISP program must take the TOEFL exam and have the scores submitted to the ISP program.  No exceptions.10

 If I am already a U.S. citizen, do I have to take the TOEFL? 

Yes, everyone applying to the ISP program must take the TOEFL exam. No exceptions.11

 Can I apply to the ISP program now and take the TOEFL exam at a future date?

No, the application will not be considered for the program without the TOEFL exam score.12

 What if I have taken the TOEFL exam but the school won't receive the test score before the deadline date?

The TOEFL score must be received or postmarked on or before the deadline date.13

 What if I withdraw my application after submitting all the documents required?

Once the University receives your application, all documents become property of the University and cannot be released.  We will withdraw your application but will need to keep the application in file.  The fee is also non-refundable.14

 Does your program consider my application if I have an H4 Visa?


 When are interviews conducted?

Interviews are conducted in April, May and June of each year.  The interview invitation will come via an email letter and will reflect the exact date and times.  Information about the bench test will be released at this time only.  Those who will not be invited will be notified by email.   16

 What type of recommendation letters does your School accept?

Letters may come from dentists, non-dentists, deans, educators of various post-graduate programs the applicant may be enrolled or have enrolled in, from current or past employers and charities volunteered for.  The letters should come from those who have direct and current knowledge of the applicant and should address the applicant's work ethic, personality, knowledge base, personal skill, clinical dental skills and reliability.  Do not ask your recommenders to send the letters directly to our school either by mail or email, as those will not be accepted.  17

 After submission of my application, what type of updates does the School accept?

TOEFL and NBDE Part II.  However, in order to be considered as part of your application, we need to receive those before the deadline.18

 If I submit my application through CAAPID, is there any fee that I need to send with my supplemental documents?

Yes.  There is a non-refundable processing fee of US $50.00 in forms of money order or cashier's check, and should be made payable to CU School of Dental Medicine.19