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Doctor of Dental Surgery Degree

DDS Curriculum – Year 3


The primary focus of third year is the development and practice of clinical dentistry. Students take courses on community assessment, public health, dental practice planning, clinical oncology, behavioral and geriatric dentistry, implant dentistry and treatment planning. Students begin to spend a lot more time in the clinical setting with the primary focus being on comprehensive patient care. Students perform clinical procedures in the fields of oral diagnosis and diagnostic radiology, periodontics, operative dentistry, fixed and removable prosthodontics, orthodontics, endodontics, dental pain and emergencies. Additionally, all students participate in a rotation in pediatric dentistry at the Healthy Smiles Clinic at Children’s ​Hospital Colorado.

DSAD 7713 Community Assessment (Section 2)
DSAD 7717 Comprehensive Patient Care Clinic "B"
DSAD 7720 Behavioral, Geriatric, and Special Dentistry
DSAD 7855 Independent Study
DSOD 7716 Treatment Planning Conference 1
DSOS 7710 Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery
DSPD 7700 Pediatric Dentistry 3
DSPE 7710 Periodontics 3
DSPE 7711 Periodontics 3 Laboratory
DSRE 7704 Esthetic Dentistry
DSRE 7712 Implant Dentistry
DSRE 7744 Cariology III - Section 1
DSSD 7710 Orofacial Pain
DSSD 7712 Dental Pain and Emergencies
DSEN 7755 Clinical Endodontics
DSFD 7755 Clinical Fixed Prosthodontics
DSOD 7755 Clinical Oral Diagnosis
DSOP 7755 Clinical Operative Dentistry
DSPD 7755 Clinical Pediatric Dentistry
DSPE 7755 Clinical Periodontics
DSRP 7755 Clinical Removable Prosthodontics
DSAD 7719 Comprehensive Patient Care Clinic "C"
DSAD 7726 Dental Practice Planning
DSAD 7866 Independent Study
DSDD 7700 Medical Problems and Physical Assessment
DSDD 7702 Hospital Dentistry
DSEN 7712 Endodontics 3
DSOD 7720 Treatment Planning Conference 2
DSOD 7722 Treatment Planning Conference 3
DSOD 7724 Diagnostic Radiology
DSON 7755 Clinical Oncology
DSOT 7720 Orthodontics 3
DSRE 7844 Cariology III - Section 2
DSEN 7757 Clinical Endodontics
DSFD 7757 Clinical Fixed Prosthodontics
DSOD 7757 Clinical Oral Diagnosis
DSOP 7757 Clinical Operative Dentistry
DSOT 7757 Clinical Orthodontics
DSPD 7757 Clinical Pediatric Dentistry
DSPE 7757 Clinical Periodontics
DSRP 7757 Clinical Removable Prosthodontics
DSAD 5877 Independent Study
DSAD 7721 Comprehensive Patient Care "D"
DSFD 7761 Clinical Prosthodontics Seminar
DSRE 7944 Cariology III - Section 3
DSEN 7759 Clinical Endodontics
DSFD 7759 Clinical Fixed Prosthodontics
DSOD 7759 Clinical Oral Diagnosis
DSOP 7759 Clinical Operative Dentistry
DSPD 7759 Clinical Pediatric Dentistry
DSPE 7759 Clinical Periodontics
DSRP 7759 Clinical Removable Prosthodontics 1

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