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Sparking Student Success

CU Dental Magazine Fall 2014

Petros Yoon, DDS Class of 2015

​As the dental school invests in new areas of research, competes for future funding, and patents tomorrow’s dental discoveries, dental students are finding their place in the school’s research success.

Fourth-year dental student Petros Yoon is one of several students to experience research success while in dental school. Along with maintaining an active clinical and education schedule, Petros devotes significant time to working in the lab of Senior Associate Dean Jeffrey Stansbury, PhD. 
That time translated into notable international presentations and awards, including acceptance into the National Institute of Dental and Craniofacial Research’s (NIDCR) summer Dental Student Award Program in Bethesda, Maryland.
“With the recommendation of my mentor and PI Dr. Jeffrey Stansbury, I applied for the program and was accepted,” said Yoon. “He encouraged me to apply and I received enormous support from our administration, and faculty to apply as well and I am very grateful for that.”
Yoon spent his summer working in the lab of NIDCR scientist Yoshihiko Yamada, PhD.  While there Yoon received training in molecular and cellular biology and participated in a research project on the genetic and functional interactions between two transcription factors, Epiprofin (Epfn) and T-box1 (Tbx1) in dental epithelial differentiation and enamel formation.
Yoon entered the program with an open mind, intending to experience different aspects of dentistry and explore a possible career as a dental scientist.
“I think experiences like this are important for students because they help cultivate their future careers,” shared Yoon, “and they provide them with the skills and insights they need to become professionals in the future.”
The school is committed to supporting student research experiences and success like those of Petros Yoon. 
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