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Spring 2013 Research Day

Poster Spotlight

​Manisha Makhija Sadhwani, ISP1

Most if not all clinicians and students walking by my poster presentation during the research day had a simple question – they said I don’t follow what you are doing, just tell me how it applies to my practice. And I think that is the position of most of us while in school. I don’t always understand the numbers, graphs, etc. in all papers. So speaking in words only without any other figures, here is what I have been working on!

Dr. Stansbury has successfully proven that addition of nanogels, which are prepolymerized nanoparticles, to resin/composite systems reduce polymerization stress and hence shrinkage, which is one of the major concerns with dental composite/bonding systems. When added to monomer systems and polymerized, it is difficult to interpret specific contributions of nanogels to overall polymer structure.

The goal of my study was to gain a better understanding of interactions between the nanogels and the dispersing matrices before and after polymerization. In this study, inert solvents and solvent mixtures were employed as the matrices that both disperse and infiltrate the reactive nanogels.  Different interactions of nanogels in different solvents clearly demonstrates that nanogel/matrix matching needs to be considered during development of nanogel-modified dental materials.

(February 2013)


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