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Student Research Group

Are you interested in doing research as a dental student? The Colorado Student Research Group is here to help! Don’t worry if you have limited research experience in the past.  Most professors look for dedicated students who are willing to have the time commitment to do research.  If you are interested in the following projects, please contact the professors.

Current projects available:

Dr. Kristin Artinger Laboratory
1. Understanding neural crest specification: how are these cells formed,
what signaling and transcription factors are required, epistasis of neural
plate border specifier prdm1a with neural crest specifiers foxd3 and ap2a
2. Determining the role of neural plate border specifier prdm1a and ap2a
in neural crest migration: how do these factors cell autonomously regulate
cell adhesion, cell polarity and cell-matrix adhesion for neural crest
3. Understanding the development and evolution of the temporal mandibular
jaw joint:  what signaling and transcription factors are required,
especially the role of prdm1a and gata3 and FGFs and Retinoic Acid in
zebrafish and mouse

When can they start: anytime
Expectations: for DDS students, need a commitment of certain number of hours per week (at least 6), be motivated and excited about science.

Dr. Jeffrey Stansbury Laboratory
1) Development of a new approach to glass ionomer cement materials
2) A basic study of dental sealant materials including the development of new nanogel-modified sealants

Contact a Student Research Group Officer

Student Research Group

President: Chelsea Vraney

Vice-President: Petros Yoon

Treasurer/Historian: Amana Farrkh


Want to be an Editor/Writer for the Research Newsletter?

Contact: Petros Yoon at

October/December 2013

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