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National Boards

How Are You Preparing?

Part I National Boards are coming up this summer. How Are You Preparing?

Research is very important and exciting, but we must never lose site that we are here to become excellent Dentists!  One of the biggest hurdles of first year comes at the very end of Summer term: the National Board Dental Examination Part I.

SRG has asked a few upper classmen on how they prepared for Boards and how they succeeded! To all the DS1s and on behalf the Colorado Student Research Group, we wish you the best in your studies!  
What is your advice, upper classmen?  
  • Being confident in your responses on your exam is most important. To build your confidence in the exam, I would recommend taking as many practice tests (Crack the NBDE program) as must as possible, and go through the dental decks until you’re comfortable with the core concepts  
-Adam Borgia, DS2-  
  •   Dental Decks along with class notes provided me with plenty of information to pass Part 1. I started studying right after the spring semester ended.                             
-JT Crepps, DS3-  
  • Reviewing Dental Decks and practice tests are your best bet at doing well! I started studying after the Memorial Day week off of school…Setting daily and/or weekly goals for the amount of material you want to review is also a good idea, since it’s easy to get distracted in the summer when the weather is nice outside. That being said though, definitely allow for some time away from studying every now and then so you can clear your mind and stay relaxed. Before you know it, it’ll all be behind you, and you’ll be well on your way to starting 2nd year!  
-Bryan Graziano, DS4-  

Other tips:  

  •  Chose a study aid and stick with it: There are many, many NBDE study books, decks, software, samples questions, your notes, etc. You don’t have time to look at everything. Everyone’s studying style is different. Choose a good system that works for you, and stick with it!
  • Take FULL length practice exams: training for a 7 hour exam requires a lot of focus. Practice by taking full length exams to simulate exam day. Also, try taking practice tests the same hour of day as your real exam. If your exam is 8AM, be sure that you’re prepared for that. If you exam is in the afternoon, be prepared!
  •  Stop studying the things you already know: I know this seems kind of obvious but it’s true. Once you know them, focus your time on the concepts that you struggle with.
  •  Take the night off before the exam. Clear your mind, hang out with friends, relax. If you cram study the night before, your brain will be spinning all night and you won’t be well rested.
  •  Know where your testing center is: go check it out with some friends the night before. Don’t get lost on the road the day of your exam. We are all routing for you! know that we are all here behind the scenes cheering for you! Have confidence and do your very best!
April 2013

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