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Dental service provided for local children

Volunteers 'Give Kids a Smile'

Dental student during GKAS
Dental student Petros Yoon attends to GKAS patient

For a dozen years, young smiles have been brightened at the CU School of Dental Medicine (SDM) as part of the annual Colorado Dental Association's Give Kids a Smile Day.

On Feb. 7, 133 local children participated in the program held at the Anschutz Medical Campus. Free dental care and education were provided to children who are without dental insurance and who are from low-income families.

"CU is really proud to support the Aurora community that we are a part of, and we know that the community is diverse and has a lot of unmet needs," said Elizabeth Shick, DDS, who specializes in pediatric dentistry as a SDM faculty member. "These children have toothaches, cavities, and are missing days of school, and we are privileged to provide them with a free day of dental care."

Dentists donate time, services

This year, 16 dentists from the community, three SDM faculty members, and 60 SDM students all volunteered their time to treat 133 children in our community who were in need of dental care.


The CU students were paired with a dentist to assist in exams and to perform procedures under the guidance of the dentists. They were able to do everything from paperwork to cleanings and fillings.

"Give Kids a Smile was such a rewarding experience," said third-year dental student Petros Yoon (pictured at top working with a young patient). "Seeing all the dental professionals in our community come to volunteer their time for the children definitely put a smile on my face, too. It's so great to be a part of our school's ongoing mission to give back to our communities."

The dentists provided everything from routine cleanings to tooth extractions -- all while hoping to provide education to parents about preventative care that can be done at home, such as regular brushing and flossing, and encouraging them to find a regular dentist.

"We did a lot of fillings and saw a lot of severely decayed teeth that require extractions," Shick said. "We had Dr. Pattison, an oral surgeon, who volunteered onsite to conduct the extractions. We are talking about children who have not been to the dentist in several years or possibly never and the cavities grow inside the tooth, the structure of the tooth is lost and it cases pain and can be a source of infection, they need to be treated or will cause more pain and infection."

Each young patient also left with new toothbrushes and healthier smiles.

Give Kids a Smile day is an annual program sponsored by the American Dental Association. To learn more, visit

Thank you!

Thank you to the members of CU’s dental community, including the many faculty, students and staff who supported the event. A special thank you to the members of CU’s Team Care Clinic for their support leading up to and during the event. The clinic staff managed patient scheduling and offered translations services.  

Thank you to the following team members for their individual contributions to making GKAS a successful event for our school and our community:  

Paula Alexander, Nancy Groswold, Monique Jaquez, Jeanie Johnson, Patricia Martinez, Pam Moore, Lyn Masche, Julieta Melais, Marilyn Munerlyn, Alix Navarrete, Emily Reddick, Carmen Santiago, Arianne Trujillo, Perla Vamos, and  Lisa Webster


Watch Aurora Channel 8 coverage of Give Kids a Smile.