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Marcus Artis
Marcus Artis

​Marcus Artis has been working with the dental school for almost 10 years. In May of 2004, he started working with the orthodontics department as the school was making its transition to Anschutz.  After a brief break from the dental school, he returned to the restorative department and partnered with Chuck Medina in the Tech Support Lab. Most recently, you will find Marcus on the second floor in the Tech Lab and Sim Clinic working diligently as the Lab Coordinator.

When asked to describe his experience at the dental school, he says that working here has been a true life lesson. “My experiences have been educational, joyful, stressful, heartfelt, extreme, and positive,” says Artis, “it’s been a true life lesson of growing, coming into my own, and respecting what I do, who I do for, how I do, when I do, and why I do. From the happiest to the saddest memory, none will be forgotten or less than a favorite.”

Artis credits “Master Sargent” Charles Medina for teaching him and helping him grow throughout his years at the dental school. “You learn a lot about a man when you spend 4 years in tight quarters,” states Marcus, “we had our ups and downs but we have always been able to work through storms and sunny days. He is a great friend and co-worker.” Artis also credits the late Perez Banks for making him into the positive co-worker we all admire. “If I ever had a hard day or just needed an ear to listen, he was there. He always knew what and when to say the right thing to put me back on track no matter how positive or crazy it may have sounded. Not only was he a co-worker, friend and mentor, he was family,” says Artis, “These two gentlemen have been my rock, my sword and my shield, and I will never be able to thank them enough.  The term mentor doesn’t come close to the true description of them but confidant comes closer.”

Marcus has made numerous contributions to the dental school over the years from working weekends and long nights to helping the students in lab when they were behind or just needed a little extra encouragement when they felt that they couldn’t make it. He is known for his contagious smile and generous work ethic, not to mention his fabulous cooking skills.

Marcus is here for one more week, as he leaves the dental school to pursue his passion for cooking. When asked if he had any parting words for his fellow co-workers and friends, he says “I am beyond the expression of fulfillment and joy over the people that I have come to know over the years. I have helped build departments and make some stronger. I have helped shape and develop minds. I am proud to say I have seen many a student graduate and find their dream of becoming a dentist. I have grown my-self in many ways, and been educated in ways beyond educational formats. I have had happiness and sorrow and a huge amount of support. I may not be able to list them all by name (that would be a mighty long list) but from Students, Professors, Faculty and Coworkers will always have special place with me. I will always hold an open space in heart the School of Dental Medicine and is occupants and will always consider it a home and for this I thank you. Stay Strong, Stay Caring, and Stay Wise for all may not know their path but it’s the guides that are given that will help show the way. MUCHLUV FROM THE BIGMAN (CHEF ARTIS).”

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