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Jolisa Ford

Jolisa Ford, School of Dental Medicine patient

Jolisa Ford has been on all three floors of the School of Dental Medicine (SDM) to have work done. Ford’s mother first brought her there for a free teeth cleaning, she had a wisdom tooth removed—but it’s the orthodontic work that Ford had completed that has really made a lasting impression. There was a point when she didn’t think that braces were an option. “I cried because my mom told me I couldn’t get braces at one point in time. She said my dad and her couldn’t afford it,” Ford recalls. Fortunate for Ford, the SDM made braces a viable option.

Ford’s braces helped close the gap she had between her incisors; the years of being teased for how her smile looks are over. She’s brushed the dirt off her shoulders and now laughs as she remembers, “People used to make fun of my gap all the time. They used to call me Coke Machine and tried to stick coins in my gap.” Ford welcomes change of all sorts; she’s excited to begin college at Bethune-Cookman University this fall and plans on studying sports medicine and psychology.

When asked about her experience at the SDM Ford commented, “It was positive, the people are nice. They made me feel comfortable. I’d recommend getting work done here, my younger sister should start coming here. She’s got a gap too.”  

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