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Kruti Desai

Class of 2013, ISP

Kruti Desai was born and raised in India where she earned her Bachelors in Dental Surgery.  She moved to United States in 2007 to further her career in Dentistry. She is in her final year as an ISP student.  She also works as a student researcher for Dr. Carey’s lab where she is working on the effect of dentifrice ageing on fluoride bioavailability.  She has launched a very interesting research project where she is identifying the factors that lead to lowered fluoride bioavailability (thus reducing anticaries efficacy) in toothpastes.  She has found that the bioavailable fluoride in toothpaste decreases over time because fluoride reacts with toothpaste ingredients and becomes insoluble.  The first factor she has investigated is the interaction between fluoride and silica abrasive and has found that available fluoride is reduced by as much as 35%.  She says that she was motivated to pursue this project after she attended one of Dr. Carey’s lectures on Research Day (2012) at the school campus, where he talked about raising a question on effectiveness of fluorides in toothpastes after they have been on the shelf for quite some time. Kruti's project involves making standardized toothpaste with fluoride, ageing it and checking the amount of fluoride with an ion-selective electrode. She says her biggest support and help on this project has been Stacey Coleman - Dr. Carey’s Research Associate. Dr. Carey is working on many other interesting projects involving not only fluorides but also other materials that help fight dental decay.

Clearly, Kruti's hobbies include her research project. It takes a special dedication from a student to pursue research while in the midst of the very busy schedule for the dental school. Clearly, there are many exams to study for and clinic schedules that have highest priority. Like all other ISP students and alumni, Kruti has these priorities too however, Kruti has a passion to become better informed and to be able understand the latest science related to dental care and specifically prevention of dental caries.

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