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Filling You In: Faculty Highlight

Dr. Sheldon Newman

Dr. Sheldon Newman is an Associate Professor in the department of Restorative Dentistry, and Biomaterials. Dr. Newman has been active in promoting student research at the School of Dental Medicine. “[My] research can range from practical applied questions on commercial clinical materials to experimentally designed materials” says Dr. Newman.  His research interests are in new innovations in dental materials that include composites, impression material bonding, NiTi wires, and fluoridated dental materials. His contributions in dental research are also focused on improving dental techniques in the clinic where he has collaborated with clinicians and scientists alike. Research is intrinsic to dentistry, but dental research must have a clinical relevance and application. Research projects must not only address the scientific questions, but it must also address the clinical application. Clinicians like Dr. Newman collaborating with scientists can help bridge the gap to further improve dental patient care.

When Dr. Newman isn’t teaching dental students Material Sciences or working in the laboratory in RC1 North, He enjoys his many hobbies that include dancing, particularly the tango. He also enjoys listening to an eclectic mix of music that he also loves to share with his students during their 10 min breaks. He also serves on the Board of the Metropolitan Denver Dental Society advocating our profession to maintain its professional integrity.

Finally, Dr. Newman loves working with students! He is never shy in voicing his encouragement and motivation to incorporate some level of research into each student’s dental school experience. Dr. Newman can meet with you to discuss project ideas that may interest you. Schedule a meeting with him via e-mail. His office is located in RC1 North room 2105.

“If you have an idea for a research project or a concept you would like to pursue we can hone in a research hypothesis and a method of studying that hypothesis. If your ideas are not in the realm of dental materials, as the Faculty Advisor to the Colorado Student Research Group I can help a student find a faculty member that can come closest to meeting [your] research interests. Over the years I have sent many students to International/American Association of Dental Research meetings. Many, many more have presented at Research Day. All of these types of presentations can enhance your credentials for graduate dental education”. -Dr. Newman-

April 2013

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