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Student Organizations Communication Resources


​Student​ Organization Communication Resources

To make your student club as successful as it can be, the marketing department has compiled resources to help you communicate your club to the Business School and the larger CU Denver community. In general, you must send information at least two weeks prior to the event. Download a zip file​ containing all templates, instructions, and additional information.

Business School Marketing

The primary responsibility for promoting club events lies with the student officers. You must submit your materials two weeks in advance of the event. Ways to market your club or event at the Business School include:

  • Club website
  • Flyers
  • Student newsletter
  • Online calendar
  • TV display
  • Social media

Club Website

​​Contact Rebecca Ward via the process below if you would like to have a club hosted on Please refrain from using space on a student's personal or businesses server, because it can be difficult to continue the site once the student has graduated.

If you would like to create a website, please understand it is hosted via WordPress. WordPress does not require html coding, and there is a lot of documentation on how to use it. You will need to familiarize yourself on how to create a website through tutorials at or YouTube.

Process to request website:​
  1. Identify site administrator for the website within your organization. This student will be in charge of building and administering the website.
  2. Request the site in an email to Rebecca and include the site administrator's email address in your request. Please cc your faculty advisor on your request.
  3. Rebecca will set up your site in WordPress within two weeks and notify the administrator of the club's URL and their initial password.
  4. All identified administrators and your faculty advisor will be given access to the site. There will be two more accounts set up: A and​. You must retain these two administrators on your site.
  5. Build out your website on WordPress.

Rules for club websites:

  1. To maintain security, please use strong passwords. Use a combination of caps, letters and numbers.
  2. Brand standards do not allow the integration any part of a university logo into your own logo, particularly the interlocking CU.
  3. Do not use the Business School logo on your website. 
  4. Each site comes with a specific suite of templates and plugins to choose from.
  5. All content on the club site must be club related, professional, appropriate, and follow all club guidelines.
  6. Please notify Rebecca of any change of administrators with their name and email address.
  7. Your site will come with the comments turned off. Please leave them off.


Club members can use the approved event templates to produce a suitable flyer for posting. To create a flyer, you can use preapproved templates created by the marketing department. Download the flyer templates and directions zipped file.​ 

  • 3rd floor student lounge: You are responsible for posting your own flyers on the free posting board.
  • 3rd floor Student Organization area: You will need to provide Lena Gerber with a PDF of the flyer to get it approved and placed.

Student Newsletter

Lena Gerber is in charge of the student newsletter, the Gist, that goes out on Monday every two weeks. If you would like your event to be included, you will need to email her at least two weeks before the event including information about the event like a description, date, time, location, cost, and who can attend.

Online Calendar

Rebecca Ward is in charge of the Business School online calendar. Please provide her information about the event at least two weeks prior to the event itself. You will need to include a description, date, time, location, cost, and who can attend.

TV Display

Rebecca Ward is in charge of the TV displays. If you would like your event to be displayed, you will need to contact her at least two weeks prior to the event itself with a PDF of the TV display. Download the TV display templates and directions zipped file.

Social Media

Contact Lena Gerber if you would like your events or projects to be promoted through Business School social media. You will need to email her at least two weeks before the event including information about the event like a description, date, time, location, cost, and who can attend.

CU Denver Marketing

Student Life

The Office of Student Life coordinates all student involvement on campus, including student clubs. They use a system called OrgSync to manage all student club registration, funding, and communication. If you would like to receive funding as a club, you will need to create an OrgSync account for your organization.


Registered club members can communicate within OrgSync with their own and other club members. You can use OrgSync as a way to communicate to your members via email and post events. When you post events on OrgSync, your event will automatically be sent to the Student Life calendar. Find out more about Student Life, Student Clubs and OrgSync.


Using a flyer template​, you can create your own flyer. There are two areas of spaces that you are able to post. Rules on how to post in each space are below.


​​These spaces include Tivoli, Plaza Building, and North Classroom. You can only post on brick walls or on a bulletin board in any of these designated locations. You may also post on glass, but only on the day of your event. Do not post on any painted walls.

CU Denver:

These spaces include Student Commons and the CU Denver building. You are only allowed to post on brick and bulletin boards.​​


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