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Jake Jabs Center for Entrepreneurship: Tuition and Scholarships


The Jake Jabs Center offers competitive tuition rates to students and an easy graduation application process. Additionally, students completing Entrepreneurship programs are invited to the annual Jake Jabs Center Certification Ceremony every December.

Competitive Tuition

Jake Jabs Center Courses have a reduced tuition from the CU Denver Business School graduate courses. Tuition for the current academic year is $506 per credit hour or $1,518 per course. Out-of-state tuition is $1,228 per credit hour or $3,684.

There is an additional $100 charge for online and $50 for hybrid classes paid directly to CU Online.

Please note entrepreneurship classes do not fit in the discounted tuition window and the tuition waiver is not accepted.


More than $150,000 is available for students enrolled in one or more Jake Jabs Center course.

The Jake Jabs Center is committed to helping students achieve their entrepreneurial goals. Accordingly, students are encouraged to apply for scholarship support to help them pursue their business dreams.

Students who register for any graduate entrepreneurship class (prefix must be ENTP) during Fall 2016​​​​ are eligible (this includes non-degree).

Deadline for submitting applications is July 29, 2016.  

To apply, please send your applications to Sarah Engel at providing the following information, not exceeding one page.

  1. Your full name and current CUDenver Student ID #;
  2. Your current CU and transfer GPA (if applicable);
  3. The classes you plan to register for;
  4. How the entrepreneurship program/certificate will benefit you (limited to 300 words);
  5. Your current status; degree or non-degree student.

If you receive a “consent required” error while registering for ENTP courses: Denver Campus sections are VIEW ONLY. TO ENROLL you must select the Extended Studies section.

Eligibility Criteria:

  • Open to both domestic and international graduate business students.
  • Must be enrolled in at least one ENTP course in the semester for which you are applying
  • Domestic students must complete FAFSA prior to applying for this scholarship. International students must complete a "Budget Sheet", which is available through the scholarship application portal.

Amount Awarded

$500 to $750 per ENTP course enrolled in the term in which applied. For more information, please contact Sarah Engel at

Duration of the Award

One semester. Recipients may reapply in subsequent terms for reconsideration.

Open for Application

Fall and Spring terms.

BUS-Excel America Entrepreneur scholarship title listed in UCDAccess.

Be sure to complete all components of the application including the special essay and FAFSA/Budget Sheet requirement. Incomplete applications will not be considered.

The following five scholarship funds are offered:

Coulter Foundation Award

Coulter Foundation Award

Based on demonstrated financial need and involvement in civic or social nonprofit organizations.


Dean's Pursuit of ExcellenceDean's Pursuit of Excellence Scholarship

Demonstrated financial need and pursuit of excellence in business, business ownership, novel idea development, or tech transfer.

Excellence in American Entrepreneurship Scholarship

Mehalchin Scholarship

Awarded to outstanding business students who are interested in becoming entrepreneurs.

Harry Trueblood Scholarship

Mordecai Scholarship

Awarded to students in a Jake Jabs Center program who qualify for financial aid. 

John Mehalchin Scholarship Fund

Harry Trueblood Scholarship​

Awarded to students who plan to earn a Certificate in Entrepreneurial Studies.


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