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PhD in Computer Science and Information Systems​

Information Systems Diss​ertations

  • “Consumer Evaluation of Digital Products: Empirical Studies in the Context of Mobile Applications,” Bidyut Hazarika, 2016, Jiban Khuntia (advisor).
  • “Putting the social into social network sites : a knowledge sharing perspective,” Jae Hoon Choi; 2015, Judy Scott (advisor).
  • “Online information seeking behavior : models of information source selection and information seeker satisfaction,” Li-ling Hsu; 2014, Zhiping Walter (advisor)
  • “Online credit card bill payment and personality,” Gary L. Borkan; 2014, steve Walczak (advisor).
  • “Predicting social networking sites continuance intention: Should I stay or should I go?,” Christopher Sibona ; 2014, Judy Scott (advisor).
  • “Decision performance using spatial decision support systems : a geospatial reasoning ability perspective,” Michael A. Erskine ; 2014, Dawn Gregg (advisor).
  • “Product Reputation Manipulation: The Impact of Shill Reviews on Perceived Quality,” Ong, Toan; 2013, Michael Mannino (advisor).
  • “Improving Student Engagement Using Course-Based Social Networks,” Imlawi, Jehad; 2013, Dawn Gregg (advisor).
  • “Virtual Teams Effectiveness: The Role of Knowledge Sharing, Trust, and Collaboration,” Alsharo, Mohammed; 2013, Dawn Gregg (advisor).
  • “The Effect of Software Features on Software Adoption and Training in the Audit Profession,” Kim, Hyo-Jeong; 2012, Michael Mannino (advisor).
  • “System for persona ensemble clustering: a cluster ensemble approach to persona development,” Brickey, Jon; 2010, Steve Walczak (advisor).
  • “Dynamic Interaction: A Measurement Development and Empirical Evaluation of Knowledge Systems and Web 2.0 Decision Support,” Beemer, Brandon; 2010, Dawn Gregg (advisor).
  • “The effects of website information utility on the outcomes of User-Website Interactions,” Hasley, Joseph; 2010, Dawn Gregg (advisor).
  • “Understanding the Relationship between Real and Artificial Deception,” Yang, Yanjuan; 2009, Michael Mannino (advisor).
  • “Empirical Analysis of Hybrid Open Source Software Model: Determination of Efficiency and Governance,” Sidahmed, Mohamed; 2010, Jim Gerlach (advisor).
  • “Analysis of Factors Influencing Adoption and Usage of Knowledge Management Systems And Investigation of Wiki Technology as an Innovative Alternative to Traditional Systems,” Hester, Andrea; 2009, Judy Scott (advisor).
  • “The Role of Social Capital in IT-Enabled Knowledge Processes in Business Process Outsourcing,” Ghosh, Bish, 2007, Judy Scott (advisor).
  • “An empirical analysis of open source software developers’’ motivation using expectancy-valence theory,” Wu, Chuck; 2007, Jim Gerlach (advisor).

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