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Doctorate in Computer Science and Information Systems (PhD), University of Colorado Denver Business School, CU Denver

Business School, University of Colorado Denver


The University of Colorado Business School Information Systems faculty conducts research in the major IS research tracks:

  • Design science of information systems
    • Reference disciplines: operations management, psychology, statistics, decision theory, computer science
    • Research Methods: prototype construction, simulation experiments, human factors experiments, analytical evaluation models
  • Information system economics
    • Reference disciplines: operations management, econometrics, micro and macro economics
    • Research Methods: time series analysis, analytical economic models, efficiency models
  • Organizational impacts of information technology
    • Reference disciplines: management, sociology, psychology, statistics
    • Research Methods: surveys, case studies, ethnography, human factors experiments

More about information systems research areas as well as other references regarding doctoral studies in IS can be found at AIS World PhD. and MIS Quarterly.


  • James Gerlach
    Systems-oriented, organizational
    Activity based costing for IT organizations, Object-oriented software impacts
  • Dawn Gregg
    Systems-oriented, organizational
    Electronic commerce, Management of XML dependencies, DSS validation
  • Jahangir Karimi
    Organizational, systems-oriented,
    IT enabled business transformation, IT innovation diffusion and strategic alignment
  • Michael Mannino
    Sequential decision making algorithms, Database design, Data warehouse operation
  • Judy Scott
    Information systems effectiveness, Evaluation of enterprise resource planning systems
  • Ronald Ramirez
    Organizational, information system economics
    Organizational improvement efforts and IT, Contribution of IT to firm performance
  • Zhiping Walter
    Information system economics, organizational
    User acceptance of information technologies, Economics of e-mail advertising
  • Steve Walczak
    Systems-oriented, information system economics, organizational
    Neural network usage in finance and medicine, Computational models for language acquisition and game playing

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