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​​Program’s Mission:

The University of Colorado Denver Graduate Program in Health Administration improves health in Colorado and beyond by improving healthcare leadership.  Based on an understanding of the changing U.S. healthcare system, graduates are empowered to address and capitalize on the problems and opportunities in today’s healthcare environment, employing critical thinking, strong analytical skills, team-based, ethical approaches and a strategic perspective.

Program’s Educational Goals and Strategic Objectives:

*Strategic Objectives = “Student Competencies”​

​Goal 1.  Understand the U.S. Healthcare System 

St​udent Competency 1: Demonstrates an understanding of the basic characteristics/functions of the U.S. healthcare system, how it compares to other healthcare systems around the world, health of vulnerable populations and the patient perspective.

Goal 2.  Act Strategically
Student Competency 2: Develop strategies that are designed to sustain competitive advantage and optimize value for all stakeholders, including the community.

Goal 3.  Analyze Critically
Student Competency 3a: Critically analyze quantitative and qualitative data using the most appropriate methods, tools and/or frameworks for a given business or community health problem.
Student Competency 3b: Interprets data, reaches conclusions and provides recommendations for solutions.

Goal 4.  Behave Ethically
Student Competency 4: Understand the ethical reasoning process and recognizes ethical issues/dimensions of management decisions.

Goal 5.  Communicate Effectively
Student Competency 5a: Develop written messages that are appropriate in style, tone, and content.
Student Competency 5b: Prepare and deliver professional oral presentations that are appropriate in style, tone, and content.
Student Competency 5c: Medical Terminology: Demonstrate an understanding of basic medical terminology.

Goal 6.  Lead Purposefully
Student Competency 6: Participate in producing positive team objectives, possess teamwork skills and lead teams effectively.

Goal 7.  Think Globally
Student Competency 7: Develop business strategies that include the impact of culture and allows an organization to adapt to international environments.

Teaching, Learning and Assessment Methods

Our program emphasizes a highly practical approach to learning in a team-based environment. Students have the chance to work on complex cases and projects that mirror the challenges healthcare leaders are seeing in the workplace today. There is a heavy emphasis on actively applying what you are learning, through a variety of team projects, case analyses, and simulations. Students are assessed and receive regular feedback on not only their technical skills, but also their effectiveness in team settings and leadership roles.


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