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Master of Science in Health Adminsitration (MS), University of Colorado Denver Business School, CU Denver

Business School, University of Colorado Denver

Competencies | MS in Health Administration

In December of 2007 the health administration facult​y adopted the following seven competencies.

Business Knowledge and Skills

Students will develop management-specific knowledge and skills that are relevant to any economic organization. These specifically include:

  • Understanding how to work in teams
  • Demonstrating knowledge of financial and managerial accounting
  • Ability to evaluate investment and financing decisions of firms
  • Application of economic analysis to firm decision-making and understanding of the firm’s economic environment
  • Application of data analysis techniques to business situations
  • Consideration of ethical issues and understanding of the ethical reasoning process
  • Ability to identify marketing issues in a business situation and apply marketing theory and principles to address these issues
  • Knowledge of operations management principles and processes
  • Ability to develop and implement a competitive business strategy
  • Knowledge of technology management and international business issues

Management in the health care environment

Students will learn the latest thinking on current as well as anticipated changes in the health care environment and utilize both theoretical and applied knowledge to address the resulting challenges and opportunities.

Strategic Orientation

Students will develop the ability to consider the business, demographic, ethno-cultural, political, and regulatory implications of decisions and develop strategies that continually improve the long-term success and viability of the organization.

Financial Skills

Students will develop the ability to understand and explain financial and accounting information, prepare and manage budgets, and make sound long-term investment decisions.

Communication Skills

Students will demonstrate the ability to speak and write in a clear, logical, and grammatical manner in formal and informal situations to prepare cogent business presentations.

Achievement Orientation

Students will demonstrate a concern for surpassing a standard of excellence. They will set and work to achieve challenging goals.


Students will demonstrate a belief in their own capacity to accomplish a task and select an effective approach to a task or problem. Students will seek challenging assignments be excited by a challenge.

There is not currently an opportunity to receive dual degree privileges when completing an MBA with an MS in Health A​dministration.​​


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