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Among the most valuable assets you gain in graduate school are professional relationships and connections with the business community.​


The 11-Month MBA alumni network is active in providing help and encouragement to students. In addition to sharing advice and serving as class mentors, alumni also connect students to the business community.

Our 11-Month MBA alumni work at large companies such as GE, Accenture and Lockheed Martin, and a lot of smaller companies that are more regionally based. They have experience in every sector and are currently engaged in a range of endeavors, including:

  • Publishing
  • Real Estate
  • Start-ups
  • Technology
  • Travel and Tourism
  • International Business
  • Law and Legal Services
  • Non-Profits
  • Pharmaceuticals
  • Entertainment and Media
  • Education
  • Government
  • Health Care
  • Marketing
  • Banking and Finance
  • Biotech
  • Consulting
  • Engineering

The 11-Month MBA structure, with its intensive, cohort-based curriculum, helps you build lifelong friendships and a supportive professional network.​

The 11-Month MBA is fast-paced, thorough, challenging and demanding. The business insights, knowledge and confidence gained from completing the 11-Month MBA program have been central to advancing my career. Learning and collaborating with my group throughout the program, I have built friendships and business relationships that I know will last throughout my career.

- Shane, Director, Energy Efficiency Business Coalition

The accelerated schedule of the 11-Month MBA allowed me to be intensely focused on learning the MBA program content, while minimizing on-the-job downtime. Though demanding, the business and behavioral skills & knowledge I attained in the 11-month MBA program have allowed me to direct my career in a new direction. This program permitted me to bridge the gap between on-the-job experience and business theory.

- Lou, Chief Executive Officer, Sonora Entertainment Group

The 11-Month MBA Program gave me an edge over other job candidates in an extremely difficult market. At a time when employers have multiple qualified candidates for each available position, the MBA was a HUGE addition to my credentials. After the program, career advancement and leadership isn't just an option; it is now an expectation from me AND my employer.

- Scott, Business Banking Portfolio Manager, Vectra Bank Colorado

The 11-Month MBA Program prepares a person for any avenue they would like to follow; but for entrepreneurship specifically, it prepares you by encouraging independent, out-of-the-box thinking streamlined through the whole program. The program brings in experts who have started businesses to tell their stories, it teaches you visionary techniques to lead your business, and it gives you the hard skills required to run the basic elements of your business (accounting, finances, etc). 11-Month prepares you to go out and do your own thing and gives you all the tools you need for it.

- Kevin, CEO, Teman Windmills, Inc.

The 11-Month MBA Program gave me the resources, confidence and qualifications I needed to land my dream job in the non-profit sector. The diversity of professors and subject matter provided a well-rounded education in business management and finance - perfect preparation for my current role in which I wear many different hats. Best of all, the small cohort offered an engaging, personalized education experience.

- Katy, Program Director, Community Credit Counseling Services

The 11-Month MBA was a good program for me. The international exposure was very beneficial, as I work and travel internationally in my current position. The global economy is knocking down borders at an ever increasing pace, and those who know how to work effectively with other cultures will have a leg up on those who don't

- Wes, Business Development and Product Manager, IBM

Choosing the 11-Month MBA program was a good career decision. Employers do take note of the dedication and hard work required to complete such an intensive program. I believe I would not have been given the opportunity to run an entire resort at such an early stage in my career had it not been for my MBA.

- Breck, General Manager, Forest Suites Resort

Working so closely with the same group of people for the duration of the program added something to the learning process that I hadn't experienced before. Each of us was able to draw on and share our experiences, ultimately allowing us to learn far more than professors or text books alone could teach.

- Michael, Director of Strategic Finance and Global Pricing, Western Union

The compressed curriculum and team-oriented focus of CU's 11-Month MBA program was perfect preparation for managing the numerous, multi-dimensional projects and demanding deadlines in my new career. My experience in meeting the challenges of the 11-Month program has provided me with the ability to plan these projects with confidence and accuracy as well as to develop the team dynamics needed for each project to succeed.

- Rachel, Vice President, Global Investment Management, Prologis

Among the aspects of the 11-Month MBA that convinced me to attend the program was the strong emphasis on teamwork, a curriculum with an international perspective, and the fact that it is an accredited program. The experience of living and working in another country and culture was a part of my decision too. It has been an incredible experience and I have gotten a lot of new friends. Shortly after I returned to Denmark, I was promoted and have participated in formulating the company's new vision and strategies. The contacts and knowledge specifically about US business and culture gained as integral parts of my MBA have been a deciding factor in the company's revised strategy.

- Flemming, President & Founder, Krifcon, Inc., New York​

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