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University of Colorado Denver Business School, offering Bachelor, MBA, MS, and PhD degrees

Business School, University of Colorado Denver

Stefanie K. Johnson, Assistant Professor of Management


  • PhD, Rice University
  • MA, Rice University
  • BA, Claremont McKenna College

Courses Taught

  • Managing Individuals and Teams MGMT3000 
  • Managing People for Competitive Advantage MGMT3010
  • Human Resources Management: Staffing MGMT4420
  • Managing People for Competitive Advantage MGMT6380 

Research Interests

  • Leadership, emotions, gender, work-family balance

Selected Publications


  • Effects of subtle and blatant stereotype-threat on female leaders’ self-efficacy and performance. The Leadership Quarterly, in press (with C. L. Hoyt & S. E. Murphy).
  • Do you feel what I feel? Mood contagion and leadership outcomes. The Leadership Quarterly, in press.
  • Organizational citizenship behavior in performance evaluations: Distributive justice or injustice? Journal of Business and Psychology, in press (with C. L. Holladay and M. A. Quinones).
  • Physical attractiveness biases in ratings of employment suitability: Tracking down the “Beauty is Beastly” effect. The Journal of Social Psychology, in press (with K. E. Podratz, R. L. Dipboye, & E. Gibbons).
  • Leader self-development as organizational strategy. The Leadership Quarterly, in press (with R. J. Reichard).
  • I second that emotion: Effects of emotional contagion and affect at work on leader and follower outcomes. The Leadership Quarterly, 2008.
  • Effects of task charisma conduciveness on the effectiveness of charismatic leadership. Group & Organization Management, 2008 (with R. L. Dipboye).
  • The strong, sensitive type: Evidence for gender-specific leadership prototypes. Organizational Behavior and Human Decision Processes, 2008 (with S. E. Murphy, S.

Book Chapters

  • Gender and leadership development: A case of female leaders. In S. E. Murphy, (Ed.),The Seeds of Leadership, in press (with C. L. Hoyt).
  • The secret life of mood: Causes and consequences of unconscious affect at work. Research on Emotions in Organizations, in press (with C. S. Johnson).
  • Selecting leaders: High potentials and executives. In N. Tippins and J. Farr (Eds.), Handbook of Employee Selection, in press (with G. C. Thornton & G. Hollenbeck).
  • Self regulation and leadership: Implications for leader performance and leader development. In D. Forsyth, A. Goethals, & C. Hoyt (Eds.), Social Psychology and Leadership, 2008 (with S. E. Murphy & R. J. Reichard).
  • A cross-cultural perspective on employee selection. In D. Stone, E. F., Stone-Romero, & E. Salas (Eds.), The influence of cultural diversity on human resources practices, 2008 (with R. L. Dipboye).

Organizational Memberships

  • Academy of Management
  • American Psychological Association
  • Society for Industrial and Organizational Psychology
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