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Barbara Pelter, Senior Instructor of Finance


  • PhD(ABD), Economics, University of California, Davis
  • MS, Economics, University of Denver
  • BS,University of Nebraska, Omaha

Courses Taught

  • Applied Managerial Economics BUSN6620
  • Macroeconomics and the Financial System FNCE6300
  • Russian On-site Study Course INTB6800
  • Emerging Market Economies/Central and Eastern Europe INTB6800

Areas of Expertise

  • Transition Economies: Russia and Central and Eastern Europe
  • Economic Development with a focus on Education, Health Care and Gender Issues
  • Business Response to long-term international health crises

Teaching Philosophy

The aim of my teaching is to help shape educated people, people who will contribute to their profession and their community; and the essence of my teaching method is to provide information and a space for discussion in a respectful and caring manner. I try to create a space within my students’ programs and within their lives in which they can explore new ideas, debates, and scholarship, and to act myself as a catalyst for their intellectual investigation, someone by whom they are incited to learn and someone from whom they can extract knowledge and personal assistance in a comfortable and accessible way. If this process is successful, I have learned from my students just as much as they have learned from me, and a base for the future is established in their minds; an intellectual grounding is put into place which will yield rich fruit in their lives, fruit which I share as does their community.

Professional History

Professor Pelter has been teaching economics for over 15 years. In addition to teaching at UC-Denver and the Health Sciences Center, she has taught in the MBA Program at the University of Denver, in the Economics Department at UC-Boulder, and in on-site MBA Programs at Lockheed Martin and Storage Technology. She also taught at the State University of Management, Moscow, Russia and at the Management Development Institute in Moscow, Russia, a program funded by the European Union under the PHARES Program.

With an interest in economic development in transition economies, she developed and taught courses on Central and Eastern Europe and Russia. The Russian course involved study both on campus and on-site in Russia. In addition to her academic interest and teaching in Russia, she has developed a business doing work in Russia as well as other transition and developing economies.

With the increasing demand for online teaching, Professor Pelter has developed and teaches an online managerial economics course. She is in the process of designing her second online course.

Prior to becoming an academic economist, Ms. Pelter was involved in political campaigns and the Lamm administration; she co-founded the Denver chapter of Amnesty International; and she created the Middle East Program for the American Friends Service Committee. A long time volunteer for UNICEF, she frequently speaks on the HIV/AIDS pandemic and its impact on children.


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