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University of Colorado Denver Center for Bioethics and Humanities

Center for Bioethics and Humanities

Center Purpose, Mission and Value

Core Purpose

To provide leadership for ethical, just and humane health care.

Core Missions

Be an educator: To educate health profession students and health care practitioners to address ethical issues, to adopt high professional standards, and to exhibit a proper balance between the humanities and sciences.

Be a convener: To create a space and forum for convening broad cross-sections of professionals, administrators, trustees, academicians, and government and community representatives for honest, credible problem solving of moral issues in health care.

Be a source of knowledge: To create, advance and disseminate knowledge in bioethics and humanities.

Be a resource to others: To share our expertise in bioethics and humanities with health care institutions, health care professionals, ethics committees, IRB's, administrators, trustees, policy makers, scientists, organizations, and individuals.

Core Values

Integrity - trustworthiness, committed to the highest professional behaviors

Excellence - always striving for the best product/performance as measured against our own values and purposes as well as external standards

Inclusiveness - involving and respecting all stakeholders in an issue

Justice - fairness in our procedures and dedication to projects that promote fair distribution of health care benefits

Compassion - sensitivity to the ideals, concerns, and interests of all others

Relevance - commitment to useful and meaningful work

Interdisciplinary/Interprofessional - promoting cooperation and exchange among students, faculty and practitioners in all fields of inquiry

Innovation - taking a leadership role to advance areas of knowledge and practice in bioethics and humanities

Transparency - disclosure of apparent conflicts, biases, predispositions, beliefs and processes

Community - outreach to and integration with communities



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