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School of Education and Human Development University of Colorado Denver


College of Arts & Media



The College of Arts & Media is home to several programs, research projects, and policy centers that partner with organizations in the community to create a P-20 connection.  Descriptions of these programs are accompanied with website and/or contact information in the following list.  Please feel free to contact us to add to this list.  



Website: ArtsBridge

This program is designed to provide innovative art curriculum to K-12 children while creating opportunities for CAM students to become teaching artists. Over the past several months, twelve students from the College of Arts & Media have become ArtsBridge Scholars sharing their creative passion with ninety high school students from Westlake Middle School and Long View High School and seventeen patients from The Children’s Hospital. ArtsBridge projects in the College of Arts & Media are designed to spark imagination and build a greater understanding of art concepts and skills. The program provides both ArtsBridge Scholars and participating children opportunities to develop and refine creative problem solving skills along with an ability to collaborate with others. Participating children may see ArtsBridge Scholars as role models that awaken or strengthen a desire to pursue a university education and to continue a life-long connection to the arts.


ArtsBridge Digital Photography Project

The Children’s Hospital was inspired by a genuine commitment to create an innovative art experience that would serve children facing difficult illnesses by refocusing their attention from treatment to creative ingenuity. Children participating in the project have learned how to operate a digital camera, compose photographs, make deliberate choices about what to photograph, and how to download images onto a computer. They experienced image editing, how to use a flat-bed scanner as a camera, and how to cut, paste, and collage images using Photoshop. Each child photographed the visually stunning surroundings of The Children’s Hospital- capturing light, moments, color, angles, loved ones, textures, patterns, signs, and close-ups of the hospitals impressive art collection.


ArtsBridge Film Projects:

Seven ArtsBridge Scholars, who share an expertise in film-making, are working in two area schools – Westlake Middle School and Long View High School. After meeting with K-12 faculty and evaluating educational goals, each of the schools chose an area of ongoing research that would become the focus of a short film developed in each school. Students at Westlake Middle School are currently creating a film centered on the topic of “Emigration, Immigration and Migration.” Long View High School students are exploring the subject of “Identity.” Both schools have been using film viewing as a fundamental teaching and learning tool in various courses but this will be the first time that these middle and high-school students will shift their perspective from audience to content creators.  From concept development to shooting and editing, students learn the language of cinematography and the process of film production. 


College of Arts and Media: Arts Resource Council

Contact:, CAM

Chaired by College of Arts & Media Assistant Dean Clark Strickland who also serves on the Mill Levy Advisory Committee. Strickland serves on the Arts Resources Council in his private capacity.  The Arts Resource Council advocates for standards-based arts instruction at all levels of DPS provided by qualified teachers. The Council was instrumental in securing passage of a $20 million annual Mill Levy grant, which included $6.5 million to hire elementary arts teachers.  Its purpose is also to push for assessment strategies for the arts and for good data keeping concerning arts learning by DPS students.


Denver Public Schools Shakespeare Festival

Website: DPS Shakespeare Festival

Includes participation by various faculty and administrators each year, depending on schedule. The festival includes visits to schools to critique student performances & serving as official judges at the Shakespeare Festival in Downtown Denver in May each year.


Rocky Mountain Math Teacher's Circle

Website: RMMTC

The Rocky Mountain Math Teacher's Circle is a collaboration of professional mathematicians and statisticians and middle school mathematics teachers who mission/vission is threefold: 1) To strengthen middle school math teachers problem-solving skills: 2) To involve middle school math teachers in an ongoing dialogue about mathematics and statistics with colleauges and professional mathematicians and statisticians and 3) To equip middle school math teachers to initiate more student-centered, inquiry-based pedagogies in their classrooms.  The group is coordinated by Diana White, Assistant Professor in the Mathematics and Statistical Sciences at UC Denver.


Scholastic Art and Writing Competition 

Website: Scholastic Art and Writing Competition

Visual Arts faculty participate in judging and awarding of scholarships, depending on schedule.


Starz FilmCenter

Website: Starz FilmCenter

The program is delivered by Howie Movshovitz, Education Director of Starz FilmCenter in cooperation with the Denver Film Society. The program includes Screenings of films for high, middle or elementary schools take place either at the schools or at Starz FilmCenter Denver in the Tivoli.

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