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College of Engineering and Applied Science


IGERT Students from 2007-2014

Bernard, Meghan (Masters, 2011)
Bernard, Stephen (Masters, 2010)
Chavez, Abel (PhD, 2012)
Cohen, Elliot (Pursuing PhD)
Cook, Jesse (Pursuing PhD)
Olafson, Kristin (Pursuing PhD, PIRE)
Martel, JC (Pursuing PhD, PIRE)
Coventry, Zac (Pursuing PhD)
Davis, Mark (PhD)
Davis, Anita
Dismore, Alex (Masters, 2013)
Duvall, Andrew (PhD, 2012)
Fisher, Stephen (PhD, 2014)
Gaviria, Ed (Pursuing PhD)
Gibbs, Matthew (Masters, 2010)
Hayzen, Lindsey
Henao, Alejandro (PhD)
Janes, Enessa (Pursuing PhD)
Knapp, Corinne
Knight, Josh (PhD)
Kronoveter, Karen (PhD)
Macur, Rachel (Masters, 2010)
Luckey, Kara (PhD)
Manderino, Laurie (Pursuing PhD)
Miller, Leslie (PhD, 2011)
Nordback, Krista (PhD, 2012)
Oviatt, Kate (Pursuing PhD, Fullbright Scholar)
Pattison, Andrew (Pursuing PhD)
Piatkowski, Dan (Pursuing PhD)
Rui, Lui (PhD, 2011)
Ruiz, Ana (PhD)
Sawyer, Pamela (Masters, 2009)
Sheerer, Ann (PhD)
Siddiki, Saba (PhD)
Solis, Andrea (PhD, 2013)
Schmaltz, Amy
Sperling, Joshua (Pursuing PhD)
Stonebraker, Eric (Pursuing PhD)
Wang, Heming
Woldeyesus, Tibebe (PhD, 2012)
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