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University of Colorado Denver

School of Public Affairs


Donald KlingNer, Professor

Don Klinger

University of Colorado at Colorado Springs
School of Public Affairs
1420 Austin Bluffs Parkway
Colorado Springs, CO  80918
Phone: (719) 262- 4012                              
Fax: (719) 262 - 4183
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Curriculum Vitae

Areas of Interest: Public administration, human resource management, Latin American public administration, and international governance capacity-building

Bio: Dr. Donald Klingner is a University of Colorado Distinguished Professor in the School of Public Affairs in Colorado Springs. He is Past President (2009-2010) of the American Society for Public Administration (ASPA) and an elected Fellow of the National Academy of Public Administration (NAPA). He is co-author of Public
Personnel Management (6th edition 2010), also published in Spanish and Chinese. He has been a Fulbright Senior Scholar (Central America 1994), a visiting professor at UNAM, Mexico (1999-2003), and a consultant to the United Nations, the World Bank and the Interamerican Development Bank on public management capacity building. He co-edits Comparative Technology Transfer and Society, published by The Johns Hopkins University Press. He has been a faculty member at IUPUI (1974-1980) and Florida International University (1980-2001). Prior to earning a PhD in Public Administration from the University of Southern California in 1974, he worked for the US government’s central personnel agency (US Civil Service Commission, 1968-1973)

Recent Publications:

D. Klingner (2006). “Diffusion and Adoption of Innovations: A Development Perspective,” in Bertucci, Guido (Ed.). Innovations in Governance and Public Administration: Replicating What Works. New York: UN/DESA/DPADM, p. 55-60.

D. Klingner (September/October 2006). “Building Global Public Management Governance Capacity: ‘The Road Not Taken’,” in Public Administration Review 66 5: 775-779.

D. Klingner and L.R. Jones (2005). “Learning from the Philippine Occupation: Nation-Building and Institutional Development in Iraq and other High Security Risk Nations,” Public Administration and Development 25: 145-156.

D. Klingner and Mohamed G. Sabet (2005). “Knowledge Management, Organizational Learning, Innovation Diffusion and Adoption, and Technology Transfer: What they Mean and Why They Matter.” Comparative Technology Transfer and Society, 3 3: 199-210.

D. Klingner (June 2005). “Absorbing and Implementing a Best Practice: Issues of Local Capacity and Sustainability.” New York: UN/DESA/DPADM.

D. Klingner (January 2005). “UNPAN Stage One: An Evaluation” (United Nations, Division for Public Administration and Development Management (DPADM)/DESA.

D. Klingner (December 2004). “The Senior Civil Service: Contexts and Strategies for Korea.” The Republic of Korea Civil Service Commission and the Korean Development Institute.

D. Klingner (November/December 2004). “Globalization, Governance and the Future of Public Administration: Can We Make Sense Out of the Fog of Rhetoric Surrounding the Terminology?” Public Administration Review 64 6: 686-692.

D. Klingner and John Nalbandian. Public Personnel Management: Contexts and Strategies. Upper Saddle River, NJ: Prentice Hall/Simon & Schuster, 5th edition 2003, 4th 1998, 3rd 1993, 2nd 1985, 1st 1980), 2nd - 5th editions with John Nalbandian.

D. Klingner and John Nalbandian (2002). Public Personnel Management: Contexts and Strategies. Beijing: Renmin University Press.

D. Klingner and John Nalbandian (2001). La Administración de Personal Público: Contextos y Estrategias. Mexico City: McGraw-Hill Interamericana.

D. Klingner, John Nalbandian and Barbara Romzek (June 2002). “La Política, la Administración y el Mercado: Expectativas de Ámbitos de Responsabilidad en Conflicto,” Reforma y Democracia (CLAD: Center for Latin American Development Administration). 24: 71-112.

D. Klingner, John Nalbandian and Barbara Romzek (June 2002). “Politics, Administration and Markets: Competing Expectations and Accountability,” American Review of Public Administration 32 2: 117-144. | Physical Address: 1380 Lawrence St., Ste. 500  Denver, CO  80204 | Mailing Address: University of Colorado Denver, SPA, Campus Box 142, P.O. Box 173364, Denver, CO 80217-3364 | ph: 303.315.2228 | fax: 303.315.2229 | SPA Website Feedback

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