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University of Colorado Denver


Media award winners



  • The Denver Post, for an in-depth analysis of Colorado’s water issues, Colorado’s Water: An Illusion of Plenty.
  • KCNC-TV, Channel 4, Denver, for a half hour documentary, A Home on the Range: The Story of the Lazy JB, which investigates the dilemma of a rancher literally in the middle of subdivision construction in Louisville, and the family’s decision to sell.
  • KOAA-TV Channel 5/30, Colorado Springs, for a twenty minute documentary which looks at a range of issues associated with growth in the Colorado Springs–Pueblo area with particular focus on traffic, housing, education, water, and the loss of agricultural land.
  • Terrain, an online journal of the built and natural environments featuring artwork, poetry, fiction, articles, editorials, and reviews.


  • The Denver Post, for a series of 15 in-depth Perspective pieces and 29 editorials which focused on growth and all related issues including, sprawl, planning and regulatory challenges, transportation, affordable housing, tax policy, open space, and the pressures of growth on west slope communities and the outlying areas of Denver.
  • KVNF Public Radio, Paonia, regularly covers issues related to the environment and sustainable development in western Colorado during its noon-time community focus segment.


  • KUSA-TV, Channel 9, for significant and continuing coverage of issues related to sustainable development including growth, water, pollution and transportation.
  • Dan England, Greeley Tribune, for a special section on the challenges and considerations on planning for growth.


  • Katy Human of the Daily Camera, Boulder, for regularly covering a wide range of environmental topics in a way that helps readers understand the relationship between how they live and the affect on the world in which they live. She was also the first to regularly report on the Department of Energy’s Solar Competition and began covering the University of Colorado’s entry long before it was declared the winner.
  • Steve Raabe of the Denver Post, for his business reporting with a focus on energy and renewable energy. “Recently, more of our coverage has been devoted to developments in renewable or sustainable energy. While some may see these developments as driven by an environmental consciousness, I am personally and professionally enthused to see these projects making inroads to their business sector as technological advancements result in better efficiencies and economies.”
  • Nick Carter, KUSA-TV, Channel 9, Denver, for devoting part of his morning drive-time weather report to energy efficiency advances in new home construction and then to a series of tips on energy and water conservation allowing hundreds of thousands of viewers to receive the good news that each one of us can do something to save energy and water.


  • Colorado Matters, a production of Colorado Public Radio, Denver, for making the environment and sustainable issues an integral part of their daily show (Monday-Friday). Specific shows submitted included a smart growth score card; a study that looked at the costs for a typical ranchette vs. the revenue generated; and what happens when a community places a cap on growth and then tries to repeal it.
  • Virgil Cochran of the Lamar Daily News, for dozens of articles on water issues; development of renewable energy; biomethane generation; formation of a new water conservancy district; alternative irrigation systems; Xeriscape landscaping tips; and the fifth largest wind farm in the nation. With a county population of approx. 15,000 and a paid daily circulation of about three thousand, Cochran and the Daily News prove no matter how small the community, sustainable issues are of immediate and vital importance.



  • Jinah Kim, KUSA-TV, Channel 9, Denver for a series of segments on recycling, uses for waste products, and how much in her own office could be recycled.


  • Jerd Smith and Todd Hartman for "The Last Drop," a five part series on a range of water issues in Colorado.
  • Allen Best and the Vail Daily for a seven part series on global warming and its potential effect on winter recreation economies.



  • The Denver Post, David Olinger and Chuck Plunkett, for their four part thirty plus page series "Liquid Assets: Turning Water into Gold," which explored how the municipal search for water rights, when combined with Colorado's unique water-ownership laws, creates an unregulated commodities market where Colorado water users are paying the highest fees in the nation.


  • Good Dirt Radio, Durango, Colorado, is a grassroots audio program reporting stories about people helping to solve environmental challenges. Through the broadcast of five minute radio stories, Good Dirt aims to inspire listeners to take ecological action in their own communities. | Physical Address: 1380 Lawrence St., Ste. 500  Denver, CO  80204 | Mailing Address: University of Colorado Denver, SPA, Campus Box 142, P.O. Box 173364, Denver, CO 80217-3364 | ph: 303.315.2228 | fax: 303.315.2229 | SPA Website Feedback

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