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Health Systems, Management and Policy

Primary Faculty

Clinical Teaching Associate ProfessorCU Anschutz
303.724.6387 | AO I |
Associate Dean for Research, Professor & Associate Director, Cancer Prevention and ControlCU Anschutz
303.724.9526 | Bldg. 500, 6th floor, N6203L |

​Deena Brosi​, MPH

Sr. Professional Research AssistantCU Anschutz
Research Assistant ProfessorCU Anschutz | Nighthorse Campbell Room 138

Heather Gilmartin​

Clinical Assistant ProfessorCU Anschutz
Interim Chair & ProfessorCU Anschutz
303.724.5165 | Bldg 500 E3313 |
Associate ProfessorCU Anschutz
303.724.6528 | Bldg 500, Room E3307 |
Associate Dean of Public Health Practice, ProfessorCU Anschutz
303.724.4760 | Bldg 500, Room E3311 |

MacKenzie Pergolotti​

Assistant ProfessorCSU
Assistant ProfessorCU Anschutz
303.724.4777 | Building 500, E3312 |
ProfessorCU Anschutz
303.724.2498 | Bldg 500 E3309 |
Assistant ProfessorCU Anschutz
303.724.7787 | Building 500, E3308 |

​Virginia Visconti​, PhD

Assistant Professor, Clinical Teaching TrackCU Anschutz
303.724.9208 | | Blg 406, MS B119

​Research Staff, Affiliate, Adjunct and Secondary Faculty


​Roman Ayele​, PhD

Assistant Professor AdjunctCU AnschutzSecondary

Judi Babcock-Parziale​

Adjunct Assistant ProfessorCU AnschutzAdjunct
Assistant ProfessorOff CampusAdjunct
Non-Profit Impact |

Dianne Brunson​

Clinical Associate ProfessorCU Anschutz
303-724-2239 | School of Dental Medicine: 104F |

Chris Bui​

Adjunct Assistant ProfessorCU AnschutzAdjunct

Christine Buttorff​

Adjunct Assistant ProfessorCU AnschutzAdjunct

Jonathan Campbell

Assistant Professor (2nd app.)CU Anschutz
303-724-2886 | Pharmacy and Pharmaceutical Sciences Bldg. |

​Jessica Jean Casler​

Adjunct InstructorCU AnschutzAdjunct
Edward A. Dauer, MPH
Adjunct ProffesorOff CampusAdjunct
303.377.1567 |

Matthew Dyer​

Adjunct InstructorCU AnschutzSecondary
Pamela Hanes​
Adjunct Associate ProfessorOff CampusAdjunct
303.831.4200 | Colorado Health Institiute |

Rose Hardy​

PRA & PhD StudentCU AnschutzPRA
Tracy Johnson, BA, MA, PhD
Adjunct Assistant ProfessorCU AnschutzAdjunct
303.602.2733 | 770 Bannock Street, Unit 19, Mail Code 3240 |
Allison Kempe, MD
Professor; Investigator - RMPRCCU AnschutzSecondary

Anne Lambert-Kersner​, PhD

Adjunct Assistant ProfessorCU AnschutzAffiliate

Lindsay Lennox​

Marketing & Communications Senior ProfessionalCU AnschutzStaff
Mark Levine
Associate Clinical ProfessorCU AnschutzAffiliate
303.844.7070 | Centers for Medicaid and Medicare Services |

Karen Lutfey​

Associate ProfessorCU AnschutzSecondary
David Magid
ProfessorCU AnschutzSecondary
303.614.1212 | Kaiser Permanente |
Dayna Matthew, JD
ProfessorCU BoulderSecondary

Brian McConaty​

Clinical Assistant ProfessorCU AnschutzSecondary

Demetria McNeal​

Research AssociateCU AnschutzRA
Instructor, Clinical Teaching TrackOff CampusAdjunct
Colorado Foundation for Public Health & the Environment |

Erica Moody​

Assistant ProfessorCU AnschutzSecondary

Michael Moran​

Adjunct InstructorCU AnschutzAdjunct

Christine Nevin-Woods​

Adjunct Assistant ProfessorCU AnschutzAdjunct

Venice Ng Williams​, MPH, CHES

Professional Research Assistant & PhD StudentCU AnschutzPRA
303.724.7908 | Bldg. 500, Room E3306
Vice President, University Counsel; Secretary, Board of Regents; Adjunct ProfessorCU BoulderAdjunct
University of Colorado Boulder, School of Law |

Kelsey Owsley​

Professional Research Assistant & PhD StudentCU AnschutzPRA
Adjunct Assistant ProfessorCU AnschutzSecondary
303.370.7593 | Denver VA Medical Center |

Zachary Richardson​

Professional Research AssistantCU AnschutzPRA
Assistant ProfessorCU AnschutzAdjunct

Katie Rodriguez​

HSMP Department AdministratorCU AnschutzStaff
303.724.9263 | Blg 500, Room E3316 |

Shannon Rossiter​

Adjunct assistant ProfessorCU AnschutzAdjunct

Tatiane Santos​

PRA & PhD StudentCU AnschutzPRA

​Swathy Sundaram

Adjunct Assistant ProfessorCU AnschutzAdjunct

Danielle Varda​

Associate ProfessorCU AnschutzSecondary

​Jeanette Waxmonsky​, PhD

Clinical Associate ProfessorCU AnschutzSecondary

Colorado School of Public Health

13001 E. 17th Place
Mail Stop B119
Aurora, CO 80045


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