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Staff Contact Information

CU = University of Colorado Anschutz Medical Campus, Aurora, CO
CSU = Colorado State University, Fort Collins, CO
UNC = University of Northern Colorado, Greeley, CO

Admin Unit

Elizabeth Bekele​

Grants Life Cycle ManagerResearch AdministrationCU Anschutz

Chloe Bennion, MPH​

Academic Affairs Senior ProfessionalAcademic AffairsCU Anschutz
Assistant Director, ColoradoSPH at CSUAcademic Affairs, Student AffairsCSU
​Lanee Bounds
Department AdministratorDepartmentsCU Anschutz
Associate Dean for Research, Professor & Associate Director, Cancer Prevention and ControlOffice of the Dean, Research AdministrationCU Anschutz
303.724.9526 | Bldg. 500, 6th floor, N6203L |
ColoradoSPH at UNC Director, Associate ProfessorOffice of the DeanUNC
970.351.2859 | Gunter 1160 |

Katie Brumfield, MA​

Practicum & Career Services Senior ProfessionalStudent AffairsCU Anschutz

​Angela Byars​

Business Professional Office of the DeanCU Anschutz
Crystal Chaparro
Senior Buiness ProfessionalOffice of the DeanCU Anschutz
Associate Dean for Academic Affairs, Professor, Evaluation Core Director - RMPRCAcademic Affairs, Office of the DeanCU Anschutz
303.724.4385 | Bldg 500 C3000D |
Associate Dean for Faculty, ProfessorFaculty Affairs, Office of the DeanCU Anschutz
303.724.4415 | Bldg 500 W3138 |
Mary Dinger, PhD​​
Associate Dean for Academic & Student Affairs, ProfessorStudent Affairs, Office of the DeanCU Anschutz
Tonya R. Ewers​
Director of Communications and Alumni RelationsAdvancement, Communication, Development, Office of the DeanCU Anschutz
303.724.8573 | Bldg 500 C3000 |
Associate Dean for Administration and FinanceAdministration and Finance, Office of the DeanCU Anschutz
303.724.4445 | Building 500, C3000C |

​Bernadette Gutierrez​

Department Administrator, Community & Behavioral HealthDepartmentsCU Anschutz

Peter Hahn​

Payroll and Grants ManagerAdministration and FinanceCU Anschutz | Blg 500, Room W3162 | 303.724.9034

Kelly Corrine (KC) Hall​

Community Health Lecturer & Student Affairs Liaison, UNCStudent AffairsUNC
970.351.3916 |
Senior Admissions & Enrollment SpecialistStudent AffairsCU Anschutz
303.724.5556 | Bldg. 500 E3360
Magdalena Kucharski
Senior Admissions & Enrollment Specialist Student AffairsCU Anschutz
303.724.4449 | Bldg 500 E3360 |
Esta Lukemire
Assistant, ColoradoSPH at UNCDepartmentsUNC
970.351.2977 | CSU, Gunter 1230 |

Brett McPherson​

Communications ProfessionalAdvancement, Communication, DevelopmentCU Anschutz
Associate Dean of Public Health Practice, ProfessorOffice of the Dean, Public Health Practice AdministrationCU Anschutz
303.724.4760 | Bldg 500, Room E3311 |
Academic Services Manager & Senior Instructional DesignerAcademic AffairsCU Anschutz
Professor, ColoradoSPH at CSU Associate DirectorOffice of the DeanCSU
970.491.6320 | 215 Moby B Complex |
Thuy Nguyen​​, MPS
Senior Human Resources ProfessionalAdministration and FinanceCU Anschutz

​Heidi O'Mara, MPH

Practicum & Student Affairs Senior SpecialistStudent AffairsCU Anschutz

Kelly Poto​

Administrative Assistant, ColoradoSPH at CSUDepartmentsCSU
970.491.5190 |

Katie Rodriguez​

HSMP Department AdministratorDepartmentsCU Anschutz
303.724.9263 | Blg 500, Room E3316 |
Dean and ProfessorOffice of the DeanCU Anschutz
Building 500, Room C3000H | | 303.724.4450
Grant Life Cycle ManagerResearch AdministrationCU Anschutz
303.724.4453 | Bldg 500 W3103 |
ColoradoSPH at CSU Director, ProfessorOffice of the DeanCSU
Academic Support CoordinatorAcademic Affairs, Student AffairsCSU

Cassandra Thao​

Department AdministratorDepartmentsCU Anschutz
303.724.8378 | Blg 500, Room W3141 |

Janet Walters​

Admissions and Student Affairs SpecialistStudent AffairsCU Anschutz
Director of FinanceAdministration and FinanceCU Anschutz
303.724.6667 | Bldg 500 C3010 |
Faculty Affairs Program DirectorFaculty AffairsCU Anschutz
303.724.5678 | Bldg 500 W3161
Academic Affairs Senior ProfessionalAcademic AffairsCU Anschutz

Lisbel​ Woods, MS

Faculty Affairs Senior ProfessionalFaculty AffairsCU Anschutz
Elizabeth A. Wyatt​
Executive AssistantOffice of the DeanCU Anschutz
303-724-4450| Building 500 C3000E
Director of Human ResourcesAdministration and FinanceCU Anschutz
303.724.4454 | Bldg 500 W3102 |

Colorado School of Public Health

13001 E. 17th Place
Mail Stop B119
Aurora, CO 80045


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