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Colorado School of Public Health


3rd Annual Public Health Oscar Night

Colorado School of Public Health

Join students, faculty and community partners as we celebrate Environmental and Occupational Health at the 3rd Annual Public Health Oscar Night. Enjoy student short films, meet the nominees and mingle with the stars of Public Health! 

Communication is an essential component of public health practice and research. Students enrolled in the Introduction to Environmental and Occupational Health course at the Colorado School of Public Health gain “real world” experience in public health communication by producing short videos on public health topics of their choosing. 

 For the first time since students began producing YouTube videos for this course, we have organized an event to recognize the hard work that they devote to their projects. This semester, many of the student groups included interviews with community members and scientific experts - providing further reason to highlight these creative, thoughtful and often hilarious student projects.

This is the only chance you’ll have to attend the First Annual Public Health Oscar’s Night! 

And the nominees are… 

Best Documentary or Interview 

BPA in Colorado by Pamela Gould, Katherine Henry, Amanda Shallcross and Jill Strange.

Colorado Cooties by Monica Bautista, Naomi Carey, Tara Farnsworth, Marie Logsden and Stig Somme 

Fewer Miles, Fresher Food: The Farm to School Movement by Michaela Brtnikova, Tanner Caverly, Anna-Lisa Farmar, Steven Lockhart and Claire Zelie 

Indoor Tanning by Laura Bingert, Hannah Newman, Andrew Regan, Nicholas Robles and Reut Tenne

Traumatic Brain Injury in Athletes Stephanie Kleynhans, Eskedar , Danielle Marck, Jamie Peterson and James Warne 

Best Environmental Health Film 

Health and the Built Environment Elizabeth Cohlmia, Leslie Frank, Kristina Johnson, Michael Rowland and Leah Schultze 

Illegal Dumping Can Affect Our Health Sean Flynn, Victoria Francies, Julie Hines, Christine Rickfels and Lynn Wagner 

Obesity in China Adam Anderson, Christy Marie Jackson, Elizabeth Philips and Tung-Lung Tsai 

Obesogens Isobelle Galeon, Autumn Hummel, Ming Ma, Miranda Meadow and Bryan Storey 

Washing Fruits and Vegetables: Foodborne Illness and Consumer Safety Amber Banducci, Erin Martinez, Westley Reed and Lynda Saignaphone 

Best Occupational Health Film 

A Long Haul for Health David Elwell, Michole Johnson, Sascha Larsen-Helbing, Nicole Smith and Daniel Sutter 

MRSA Rebecca Huben, Amelia James, Arthur Runkle, Elizabeth Sinatra and Erika Wey 

Sedentary Workplace Juliana Darrow, Mary Newell, Callie Preheim and Allison Voelker 

Waxing is Taxing! Katie Conrath, Jamira Jones, Vanessa Rosselli, Natalie Hull and Jordan Zach 

Most “Unique” Film

Idling: It’s Taking Us Nowhere Ashley Ehlers, Jay Jackson, Gina Malloy, Kathy Mc-Keeta-Probeck, Melissa Mouton and Rachel Sippl

Seniors Living in Rural Food Deserts Tiffany Cadwell, Dana Kennedy, Ursula Lauper and Ashley Parr

Water Bottles Bridgette Binford, Merida Carmona, Dianna Damask, Crystal Medina and Amber Powell 

What’s the Scoop on Dog Waste? Nathan DeJong, Anjanette Hawkins, Vladka Kovar, Stacy Livingwell and Andrew Wallace ​​​

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