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Colorado School of Public Health


Our Team

Lifecourse of Epidemiology of Adiposity and Diabetes Center

​For more information about our faculty, please click on the name of the faculty member to go to their profile page.


LEAD Center | Core Members

Dana Dabelea, MD, PhD LEAD Center Director, Professor of Epidemiology and Pediatrics
Deborah H. Glueck, PhD Visiting Professor of Pediatrics​
Richard F. Hamman, MD, DrPH Professor of Epidemiology​
Leslie Lange, PhD Professor, Medicine​
Wei Perng, PhD Assistant Professor of Epidemiology​
Katherine Sauder, PhD Assistant Professor of Pediatrics​
Anne Starling, PhD Assistant Professor of Epidemiology​
Weiming Zhang, PhD Research Instructor, Biostatistics and Informatics
Anna C. Bellato​rre, PhD Research Associate, Study Coordinator, SEARCH for Diabetes in Youth, Epidemiology​
Christine Hockett, PhD ​​Research Associate, LEAD Center
Brandy M. Ringham, PhD Research Associate, LEAD Center​
Maggie Stanislawski, PhD Research Associate, LEAD Center​

LEAD Center | Affiliated Members

Steven H. Abman, MD Professor of Pediatric Pulmonology
John L. Adgate, PhD Professor and Chair, Environmental and Occupational Health​
Stephen R. Daniels, MD, PhD Professor and Chair, Pediatrics​
Jacob (Jed) Friedman, PhD Professor of Pediatrics​
Kavita Garg, MD ​Professor of Radiology
Thomas Jansson, PhD Professor of Obstetrics and Gynecology​
Susan L. Johnson, PhD Prof​essor of Pediatric Nutrition​​
Michael G. Kahn, MD, PhD Professor of Pediatrics, Informatics​
John Kittelson, PhD ​Professor of Biostatistics and Bioinformatics
Ethan Lange, PhD Professor, Medicine​
Ann Scherzinger, PhD ​Professor of Radiology
Gret​a Wilkening, PhD, PsyD Professor of Pediatrics​
Richard E. Boles, PhD Associate Professor of Pediatric Nutrition
Brian Bucca, OD ​Associate Professor of Pediatrics, Barbara Davis Center
Tasha Fingerlin, PhD Associate Professor of Biomedical Research, National Jewish Health
Katerina Kechris, PhD Associate Professor of Biostatistics and Informatics​
Joan M. O'Connell, PhD Associate Professor, Center for American Indian Alaskan Native Health​
Leigh Perreault, MD Associate Clinical Professor of Endocrinology​
Paul Wadwa, MD ​Associate Professor of Pediatrics
Ivana Yang, PhD Associate Professor, Medicine​
Peter R. Baker II, MD, PhD ​Assistant Professor of Pediatrics
Sarah J. Borengasser, PhD Assistant Professor of Pediatrics
Kristen E. Boyle, PhD Assistant Professor of Pediatrics​
Tessa L. Crume, PhD Assistant Professor of Epidemiology
Jill Kaar, PhD Assistant Professor of Pediatrics
Sheryl L. Magzamen, PhD Assistant Professor of Epidemiology, Colorado State University​
Jeffrey Powell, MD, MPH Pediatrician, Shiprock Navajo Indian Health Service​

LEAD Center | Professional Research Assistants (PRAs), Students, Postdoctoral Fellows, Administrative Staff

PRAs (*Senior PRA​)

Post​doctora​l Fellows​​

Administrative Staff

Merc​edes Martinez*
Project Coordinator

Emma Karlin

PhD Student, CSPH
Brianna Moore, PhD
Lisa Testaverde, Administrative Assitant Director

Sheila Steinke* 

Project Coordinator

Ryan Natividad

D​rPH Student, CSPH
Allison Shapiro, PhD

Cassandra Thao,

Administrative Assistant

Grace Ruybal*

Recruitment ​Coordinator 

Michaela Palumbo

MS Biostat, CSPH

Traci Bekelman, PhD
Pediatric Nutrition

Jenny Aalborg*

Dtabase Manager​

Elizabeth Litkowski
MS Biostat, CSPH
Austen Allen

Eugena Armijillo
Alexis Banning
Kendralyn Begay
Paul Begay
Kaylyn Friesen
Deidra Goldtooth
Kylie Harrall
Robyn Harte
Melissa Johnson ​​
Elina Leshchin​s​kaya
Elsa Mullins
Shawna Nelson
Ana Perez-Portillo
Debra Yazzie

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