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Native Children's Research Exchange

NCRE Past Conferences

2019- Child Development in American Indian and Alaska Native Communities: Vital Aspects of  Culture and Family

Agenda NCRE 2019.pdf

Abstracts NCRE 2019 Abstracts.pdf

Dr. Cross Plenary Session NCRE 2019 - Cross.pdf

2017- Children's Development in American Indian and Alaska Native Cultural and Linguistic Contexts: Perspectives from Research and Practice

Agenda NCRE 2017 Agenda.pdf

Abstracts NCRE 2017 Abstracts.pdf

Dr. Walls & Tina Handeland's Plenary Session NCRE 2017 - Walls - Handeland.pdf


2016- NCRE Promoting Staff Wellness and Quality Implementation through Effective Supports

Agenda NCRE 2016 Agenda.pdf

Abstracts NCRE 2016 Abstracts.pdf 

Dr. Aaron's Plenary Session NCRE 2016 - Aarons.pdf 

Dr. Watamura's Plenary Session NCRE 2016 - Watamura.pdf 

Dr. Shahmoon- Shanok's Plenary Session NCRE 2016 - Shahmoon- Shanok.pdf


​2015 - NCRE Advances in Developmental Science that Inform Prevention and Promotion in Tribal Communities:  A Focus on Self-Regulation in Context

Agenda NCRE 2015 Agenda.pdf

Abstracts NCRE 2015 Abstracts.pdf 

Dr. Blair's Plenary Session NCRE 2015 - Blair.pdf 

Dr. Murray's Plenary Session NCRE 2015 - Murray.pdf 


2014 - NCRE Implementation Science:  Applications for Tribal Settings

Agenda NCRE 2014 Agenda.pdf 

Abstracts NCRE 2014 Abstracts.pdf 

Dr. Atkin's Plenary Session NCRE 2014 - Atkins.pdf


2013 - NCRE Community Level Intervention & Outcomes for Native Youth013 - NCRE Community Level Intervention & Outcomes for Native Youth 

Agenda NCRE 2013 Agenda.pdf 

Abstracts NCRE 2013 Abstracts.pdf 


2012 - NCRE Frontiers in Intervention Research with Native Children, Families, and Communities 

Agenda NCRE 2012 Agenda.pdf


2011 - NCRE Co-Creating Promotion, Prevention and Intervention Research with Tribal Communities 

Agenda NCRE 2011 Agenda.pdf


2010 - Native Children's Development in the Context of Substance Use

Agenda NCRE 2010 Agenda.pdf


2009 - NCRE Preconference at SRCD 009 - NCRE Preconference at SRCD 

Agenda NCRE 2009 Agenda.pdf

NCRE Member Presentations at SRCD NCRE 2009 SRCD presentations.pdf


2008 - Native Children's Research Exchange First Conference​ 
















































































































































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