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Volume 8, 1997-1999, Issues 1-3

Volume 8, Issue No. 1 (1997)
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Seasonal Differences in Suicide Birth Rate in Alaska Natives Compared to Other Populations, 1-10
Paul A. Kettl, MD, Tracy Collins, MD, Michelle Sredy, MD, and Edward O. Bixler, PhD
Use of Computerized Prenatal Interviews for Assessing High-Risk Behaviors among American Indians, 11-23
Sandra C. Lapham, MD, MPH, Eric Henley, MD, MPH, and Betty J. Skipper, PhD 

American Indian Adolescent Inhalant Use, 24-40
Pamela Jumper Thurman, PhD, and Vicki A. Green, PhD
A Description of Alcohol/Drug Use and Family History of Alcoholism among Urban American Indians, 41-52
Kathryn Gill, PhD, Michelle Eagle Elk, BA, and R.A. Deitrich, PhD

Volume 8, Issue No. 2 (1998)
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Teacher, Parent, and Youth Report of Problem Behaviors among Rural American Indian and Caucasian Adolescents, 1-27
Philip A. Fisher, PhD, Jan G. Bacon, PhD, and Michael Storck, MD   

Boarding and Public Schools: Navajo Educational Attainment, Conduct Disorder, and Alcohol Dependency, 28-49 
Eric Henderson, PhD, JD, Stephen J. Kunitz, PhD, MD, K. Ruben Gabriel, PhD, Aaron McCright, BA, and Jerrold E. Levy, PhD  

Factors Influencing the Pursuit of Educational Opportunities in American Indian Students, 50-59  
Chris L. Fore, PhD, and John M. Chaney, PhD  

The American Indian Holocaust: Healing Historical Unresolved Grief, 60-82 
doi: 10.5820/aian.0802.1998.60
Maria Yellow Horse Brave Heart, PhD and Lemyra M. DeBruyn, PhD   

Looking For "A Good Doctor": A Cultural Formulation of the Treatment of a First Nations Woman Using Western and First Nations Method, 83-100  
Gerald V. Mohatt, EdD, and Sverre Varvin, MD

Volume 8, Issue No. 3 (1999)
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Editorial, vi-ix
Douglas K. Novins, PhD

Denver American Indian Mental Health Needs Survey, 1-12 
Jeff King, PhD  

North American Indian Alliance Mental Health Needs Assessment Report, 13-24
Lloyd Barron, Linda L. Oge, and Joseph Markovich  

Mental Health Needs Assessment of Off-Reservation American Indian People in Northern Arizona, 25-40 
Barbara Chester, PhD, Patricia Mahalish, and James Davis   

Mental Health Needs Assessment of Tucson's Urban Native American Population, 41-61
Veronica Evaneshko, PhD

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