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Volume 7, 1996-1997, Issues 1-3

Volume 7, Issue No. 1 (1996)
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Editorial, v
Spero M. Manson, PhD

Alcohol Abuse in Urban Indian Adolescents and Women: A Longitudinal Study for Assessment and Risk Evaluation, 1-47
R. Dale Walker, MD, M. Dow Lambert, PhD, Patricia Silk Walker, PhD, Daniel R. Kivlahan, PhD, Dennis M. Donovan, PhD, and Matthew O. Howard, PhD  

Commentary, 48-53
Patricia D. Mail, MPH, CHES  

Commentary, 54-56
Fred Beauvais, PhD
Commentary, 57-59
James W. Thompson, MD, MPH  

Commentary, 60-63
Joseph Westermeyer, MD, PhD  

Commentary, 64-66,
William Sack, MD    

Commentary, 67-70
Christina M. Mitchell, PhD  

Commentary, 71-76
Fay Cohen, PhD  

Commentary, 77-80
Robert F. Kraus, MD, and Thomas Miller, PhD  

Commentary, 81-90
Joseph E. Trimble, PhD  

Commentary, 91-93
Norman Dinges, PhD  

Response, 94-97
R. Dale Walker, MD, Patricia Silk Walker, PhD, Matthew O. Howard, PhD, and M. Dow Lambert, PhD

Volume 7, Issue No. 2 (1996)
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American Indian and Alaska Native Aboriginal Use of Alcohol in the United States, 1-13
Patrick J. Abbott, MD  

Comparative Study of Problematic Gambling Behaviors Between American Indian and Non-Indian Adolescents Within and Near a Northern Plains Reservation, 14-26 
Darryl Zitzow, PhD  

Comparative Study of Problematic Gambling Behaviors between American Indian and Non-Indian Adults in a Northern Plains Reservation, 27-41
Darryl Zitzow, PhD  

Special Commentary, 42-50
Barbara J. Bowman  

Commentary, 51-52
Ilena Norton, MD

Volume 7, Issue No. 3 (1997)
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"When I Am Lonely the Mountains Call Me": The Impact of Sacred Geography on Navajo Psychological Well Being, 1-10
Trudy Griffin-Pierce, PhD
Patterns of Injury Mortality among Athabascan Indians in Interior Alaska 1977-1987, 11-33 
doi: 10.5820/aian.0703.1997.11
Helen B. Andon, EdM
Psychosocial Barriers to Health Promotion in an American Indian Population, 34-49
Jenifer R. Lightdale, PhD, Emily Oken, MD, William M. Klein, PhD, Phillip J. Landrigan, MD, MSC, and Thomas K. Welty, MD, MPH
A Survey of Vocational Rehabilitation Counselors Concerning American Indian and Alaska Native Clients with Alcohol and Other Drug Abuse Disorders, 50-67
Robert M. Schacht, PhD, and Lee Gaseoma, MA

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