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Volume 5, 1992-1994, Issues 1-3

Volume 5, Issue No. 1 (1992)
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Preface, v-vi

Fred Beauvais, PhD

Trends in Indian Adolescent Drug and Alcohol Use, 1-12

Fred Beauvais, PhD

Comparison of Drug Use Rates for Reservation Indian, Non-Reservation Indian and Anglo Youth, 13-31
Fred Beauvais, PhD

The Consequences of Drug and Alcohol Use for Indian Youth, 32-37
Fred Beauvais, PhD

Attitudes About Drugs and Drug Use of Indian Youth, 38-42
Fred Beauvais, PhD

Drug Use of Friends: A Comparison of Reservation and Non-Reservation Indian Youth, 43-50
Fred Beauvais, PhD

Characteristics of Indian Youth and Drug Use, 51-67
Fred Beauvais, PhD

An Annotated Bibliography of Papers on Drug Abuse among Indian Youth by Staff of the Tri-Ethnic Center for Prevention Research, 68-78
Fred Beauvais, PhD

Volume 5, Issue No. 2 (1993)
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Editorial​, v-vi
Spero M. Manson, PhD

Boozing, Sniffing, and Toking: An Overview of the Past, Present, and Future of Substance Use by American Indians, 1-33 
Patricia D. Mail, MA, MPH, and Sandra Johnson, MA
Alcohol and Suicide in Alaska Natives, 34-45
Paul Kettl, MD, and Edward O. Bixler, PhD
Attributional Antecedents of Alcohol Use in American Indian and Euroamerican Adolescents, 46-56
Grace Powless Sage, PhD, and G. Leonard Burns, PhD
Differential Deviance and Social Control Mechanisms among Two Groups of Yup'ik Eskimo, 57-72
Nella Lee, PhD

Volume 5, Issue No. 3 (1994)
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Use of Mental Health Services by American Indian and Alaska Native Elders, 1-14
David D. Barney, MSW
Cultural Factors Associated with Health-Risk Behavior among the Cheyenne River Sioux, 15-29
Paul K. J. Han, MD, James Hagel, MSW, Thomas K. Welty, MD, Randy Ross, Gary Lenardson, PhD, and Arliss Keckler  

Developmental Disabilities Prevention and the Distribution of Risk among American Indians, 30-44
Pauline Mendola, MS, Germaine Buck, PhD, and Edward R. Starr, MA
Differences Between American Indian and Non-Indian Children Referred for Psychological Services, 45-51
Logan Wright, PhD, Steve Mercer, Stacey Mullin, Karen Thurston, and Aron J. Harned  

New Frontiers in Clinical Training: The UND Indians into Psychology Doctoral Education (InPsyDE) Program, 52-56
Doug McDonald, PhD  


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