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Data & Specimen Requests

Investigators wishing to use BBB data and/or specimens to investigate hypotheses which are directly associated to patients with chronic beryllium disease should submit a written proposal.​

All proposals for acquisition of specimens and clinical data will be initially sent to the DCC who will then distribute to the RRC members to review the statistical plans and power analysis as well as evaluating it for merit and feasibility.

Fees schedule for providing data and specimens:  A nominal processing fee, plus shipping costs is anticipated for samples and data files requested and received. Costs will be fully estimated at the time of proposal acceptance and will be based on the structure noted below, which takes into consideration time and materials for processing of the data files and specimens by the Beryllium BioBank, along with shipping which varies depending on weight and shipping location. The material costs are for the recurring laboratory costs to dispense and prepare the samples during collection and the time needed for the data coordinating center to prepare the accompanying data files. Because size/weight of the shipments and distance to laboratories may vary, shipping costs will be estimated at the time of proposal acceptance.   An example of shipping costs is listed below.

The following is a list of charges for academic use of specimens and data.  For profit laboratories may apply for data and specimen use and fees will be discussed.

1)    Questionnaire and clinical data only:  for academic researchers requesting data only,  the Beryllium BioBank may waive this fee.

2)    Samples and accompanying data files:  for academic researchers requesting samples and accompanying data files, the fee structure is listed below.  In some instances, the Beryllium BioBank may waive the usage fee; however the shipping fee will still apply.

Usage fee for samples:
Up to 50 samples requested and delivered= $200.00+ shipping costs
Up to 100 samples requested and delivered= $350.00+ shipping costs
150 samples or more requested and delivered= $500.00+ shipping costs

Example, using the fee structure listed, above:
(Note: Shipping and packing costs are estimated, based on 25lbs.  from Denver to New York)

Up to 50 samples + accompanying data file calculation:
$200.00 (samples) +$300(shipping) =$500.00

Up to 100 samples + accompanying data file calculation:
$350.00 (samples) +$300(shipping) =$650.00

Up to 150 samples + accompanying data file calculation:
$500.00 (samples) +$300(shipping) =$800.00

To begin a specimen/data request, please complete an application following the steps outlined below. 

​Step 1:  Responsibilities of Investigators

Please review and sign the following document, to be submitted with your application.  


​Step 2:  Proposal and Supporting Documents


The written proposal should be drafted using the BBB Research Application Outline for Specimen & Data Use.


In addtion to the written proposal, please provide the following attachments:

  1.  BBB Specimen Request Form.docBBB Specimen Request Form.doc
  2.  Investigator and Institutional Certifications-1.docInvestigator and Institutional Certifications-1.doc
  3. Biographical Sketch: Please provide your biographical sketch.
  4. Letters of Support (optional): Prospective investigators are encouraged to attach letters of support from sponsors, collaborators, etc., who will support or contribute to the project.

​Step 3:

Please submit a hard copy of all materials to the following address:

Lee S. Newman, MD, MA

Beryllium BioBank Data Coordinating Center

13199 E. Montview Ave, Suite 200, Mailstop B186

Aurora, CO 80045

Please also submit an electronic copy to:


Annual Progress Reports: 

Please note, all approved investigators will be required to provide an annual progress report, submited to the DCC. An outline for the progress report is provided by the DCC and can be viewed here: Investigator Annual Progress Report.docxInvestigator Annual Progress Report.docx​
To read about the review process, please CLICK HERE​.​


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