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University of Colorado Denver


Katerina Kechris, PhD

Associate Professor 

Research Interests:
  • Development and application of statistical methods for analyzing molecular sequences and high throughput genomic data
  • Teaching Interests:
  • Statistical Methods in Genomics
  • Statistical Theory
  • Statistical Programming in R
  • Courses Taught:
  • BIOS 7731 Statistical Methods in Genomics
  • BIOS 7759 Advanced Mathematical Statistics I
  • BIOS 7899 Independent Studies in Biostatistics, “Introduction to R”
  • Current Research:
  • NIH/NIAAA R01: Genome-wide identification of miRNAs associated with alcoholism endophenotypes. (9/13 - 8/18, Principal Investigator) To further explore the role of miRNA in alcoholism, the goals of this proposal are 1) to perform high-throughput miRNA brain expression profiling in a large panel of recombinant inbred mice and 2) to identify miRNAs and respective target mRNA expressed in the brain that are associated with the predisposition to alcoholism endophenotypes.

  • NIH/NHLBI P20: Metabolic Profiles of COPD Phenotypes. (4/12-3/17, Co-Investigator, Sub-contract) The goal of this project is to use the NHLBI sponsored COPDGene cohort for an integrated metabolomics-genomics-animal model approach to identify dysregulated pathways that explain why some smokers get Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease (COPD) and emphysema while others do not.

  • NIH/NIAAA R24: RGAP: The Heritable Transcriptome and Alcoholism (7/12-6/17, Co-Investigator) The goal of this project is to provide an expanded resource for systems genetic analyses of the rodent transcriptome. Generation and integration of genetic, transcriptome and behavioral data to generate causal networks that elucidate the genetic, epigenetic and genomic contributions to predisposition to phenotypic variability.
  • Education:
  • University of California Los Angeles, BS, Applied Mathematics, 1997
  • University of California Berkeley, MA, Statistics, 1999
  • University of California Berkeley, PhD, Statistics, 2003
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