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University of Colorado Denver


Adrienne Marie Veyna 

MPH, Health Systems, Management & Policy 

Meet our Students | Adrienne Veyna

Campus: University of Colorado Anschtuz Medical Campus

Class of 2010

Hometown: Denver, CO

Honors: 2009-2010 Hoffman Health Disparities Fellow

Fixing health on a larger scale 

As an undergraduate student at Colorado State University learning about health and wellness, Adrienne Veyna often thought to herself, ‘With all that is wrong regarding the health of our society, what can I do to help fix it?’ She knew that if she became a health practitioner she would only be helping one person at a time, but she wanted to help society. That desire to ‘fix it’ on a larger scale lead her to pursue a Master’s in Public Health at the Colorado School of Public Health.

“I chose the CSPH because it is a collaboration between CSU, UNC and UC Denver,” says Adrienne. “ I figured a collaborative school would have more to offer and a wider perspective on public health issues because of all the people and organizations three universities would bring to the table.”

Her reason for choosing CSPH has held out.  “CSPH is so well 'plugged-in' to the public health community,” Adrienne says. “The people I've met and the experiences I've had have all made me feel better connected to the public health community and thus, have fostered relationships and spurred growth and opportunities I would not have had otherwise.”

Since joining the student body, Adrienne has been impressed by the faculty’s real world experiences they bring to the classroom. She says almost every professor has shared experiences that are not only impressive, but are relevant to the courses.

“Every professor is wiling to work with the students to help make the most of their experience at the Colorado School of Public Health,” Adrienne says.

Making the most of her experience at CSPH came in the spring of 2009 during her health care economics course.  The students were charged with creating and presenting their own health care reform proposals. Her first thought was, “our government can't come up with a comprehensive health reform proposal, how in the world am I supposed to come up with one?”

Through her professor’s guidance she spent the rest of the semester learning to peel back the layers of health care economics; prompting her to ask the right questions and figuring out where our current health care system is failing. Her hard work paid off.

“Before long, I realized that I had the knowledge and competencies to skillfully put together and discuss what a comprehensive health care reform proposal should look like,” says Adrienne. This is a skill she will utilize in her future career. 

After completing her MPH, Adrienne intends to use her to degree to work in hospital administration, specifically in health reform adherence and advocacy.  Later, she hopes to work in a legislative position that will help affect change and policy regarding the health of our society. Until then she will continue to enrich her life experiences in and out of the classroom at CSPH.

“My involvement with the Colorado School of Public Health both in and out of the classroom has enriched my life beyond any other school experience,” she explains. “ I feel constantly stimulated, involved and in the know.  My passion for health care has only intensified with each passing semester.  The involvement of the staff, faculty and student body have made this an incredibly rewarding experience.”

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