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Certificate in Global Public Health


Globalization has changed the way that governments and nongovernmental organizations tackle challenging health issues like HIV/AIDS prevention and treatment, the spread of communicable diseases, malnutrition, diabetes, and access basic medical care. And though some countries and communities experience affluence, many others around the world still face continued economic and social barriers to improved health.


At the Colorado School of Public Health, we are helping individuals address these challenges from community and system levels through our education, research and service programs.  Part of our effort is offering current health care professionals training through our Certificate in Global Public Health.


The 15 credit hour Certificate in Global Public Health is designed to cultivate a graduate-level, public health perspective of globalization and global health issues, programs, and best practices.  You'll learn how to use public health methods to address global public health challenges. The certificate is a suitable program for health and environmental professionals who work, or will work, in prevention, research or clinical practice.

Required courses:

Students enroll in 10 required credit hours. Substitutions for the required courses may be reviewed and approved by the program director.

Course # Course Title Credit Hours​ Semester
CBHS  6619
Public Health in the Global Community 3​ Spring, Summer
EHOH 6623 Geographic Perspective on Global Health 1​ Summer
BIOS 6601 Applied Biostatistics I 3​ Fall, Spring, Summer
EPID 6630* Epidemiology 3​ Fall, Spring, Summer

See list below

Total Program​ 15​
*It is highly recommended that students complete EPID 6630 prior to or concurrently with CBHS 6619.
Approved elective courses:

Students enroll in a minimum of 5 credit hours of approved electives. Substitutions for the elective courses may be reviewed and approved by the program director.

Course # Course Title Credit Hours​ Semester
CBHS 6632​ ​Public Health in the Caribbean and Latin America 3​ Fall
​CBHS 6633 ​Intensive Study of Public Health Services in Cuba ​3 ​Spring & Summer
EHOH 6621​ GIS for Public Health Research and Practice​ 3​ ​Summer
EHOH 6710​ Disasters, Climate Change, & Health​ ​3 ​Spring
EPID   6624​ ​Public Health Surveillance ​2 ​Spring
EPID 6635*** Communicable Disease Epidemiology​ ​2 ​Spring
EPID 6640*** ​ ​Investigation of Disease Outbreaks ​2 ​Summer
EPID 6670***​ ​Epidemiology & Prevention of TB/HIV/STD's ​2 ​Every Other Fall
HSMP 6615​ ​Global Health Policy Issues ​2 ​Summer
CBHS 6623 Nutrition in the Global Community 2​ Fall
PUBH 6626 International Travel and Health 1​ Fall
***EPID 6630 is a prerequisite
Learning Objectives:

Upon successful completion of the certificate in global public health, students will be able to:

  • Describe and analyze the determinants and the globalization of health as well as the health status of a given jurisdiction using credible data sources.
  • Understand contemporary and historic global health issues, programs, best practices and players.
  • Apply critical thinking to the political, economic and ethical issues in global health.
  • Identify and recommend public health field methods in the global arena and their correct application.

For more information regarding graduation rates, the median debt of students completing our certificate programs, and other important information, please visit the University of Colorado Denver Office of Institutional Research, Planning and Analysis. 

Certificate and MPH

Certificate students may complete the Certificate in Global Public Health prior to or concurrently with the Master of Public Health.


If a certificate student intends to pursue the MPH after successful completion of the certificate program, s/he will need to formally apply to the MPH program and complete all of the admission requirements of the MPH program. 


Additional Notes:

  • Certificate students are not guaranteed admission to the MPH program
  • A maximum of 20 Certificate credits may transfer into the MPH program. Of this 20, no more than 8 credits may be from coursework taken as a non-degree student prior to program matriculation. Students should consult the MPH handbook for additional information.
  • If a MPH student completes the certificate concurrently, no more than 9 credits can count toward both program.

Certificate in Global Public Health

At CSPH we know our students’ passion in improving communities around the world through health research, education, and service, but we also understand that there are students who work while studying.  Most students complete the Certificate in Global Public Health on a part-time basis in one year. 


You can be part of the Global Mission while accomplishing your responsibilities.

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