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Graduate School at University of Colorado Denver

The Graduate School at UC Denver

Financial Aid & Tuition

Institutional Support

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Institutional financial support to cover the costs of graduate education is provided in varying amounts from several sources, including the Graduate School, individual programs, research grants, and the Financial Aid Office. Each degree program can provide more detailed information about the types and levels of student support available in specific programs.

PhD Student Support:

Most doctoral students accepted into the biomedical basic science programs (Schools of Medicine and Pharmacy) are provided annual support that covers tuition, health insurance, dental insurance, and a stipend for living expenses.


Several programs (including the nursing PhD and MS programs) have federal, state, or private grant support for which students may be eligible. These traineeships pay stipends and/or tuition and fees.


Entering or continuing doctoral students may be awarded research or teaching assistantships by their programs for all or part of the academic year. Eligibility requirements for an assistantship include full-time enrollment in the Graduate School and satisfactory academic progress.

University Fellowships:

The University of Colorado Graduate Fellowship Program is funded each year by the Colorado State Legislature. Fellowship awards range from $700 tuition credits for MS students to $5,000 fellowships for PhD students. Programs are invited to nominate up to three students each spring. Students are eligible to receive one fellowship during their studies.

Students with financial needs not covered by their respective programs also can apply for assistance, including loans, through the Financial Aid Office. More detailed information about the types of assistance available (including grants, work-study, and loans) and the application process (including a needs analysis) can be obtained from Student Financial Services. Additionally, the Financial Aid Office website provides students with a wealth of information, including cost of attendance and other sources of funding your education.

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