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Graduate School at University of Colorado Denver

The Graduate School at UC Denver

Graduate Council

About the Graduate Council Committees

The Graduate Council, in collaboration with the dean, establishes the Graduate Faculty Appointments Committee and the Academic Conduct and Appeals Committee. Individual schools and colleges establish their own Graduate Executive Committees. Formal committee descriptions are contained within the Graduate School rules.

Committee Information

Please contact us for information concerning the committees.

Graduate Faculty Appointments Committee (GFAC)

This faculty committee reviews all nominations (new as well as re-appointments) to the Graduate School faculty. The committee, along with the Graduate Council, establishes and maintains minimum standards for both regular and special faculty appointments and re-appointments. The GFAC forwards its recommendations for each nomination it reviews directly to the dean. The GFAC consists of at least one graduate faculty member from each affiliated school or college. Appointments and re-appointments to the GFAC are made annually by the dean with the concurrence of the council. There are no term limits for the number of years that an individual faculty member can serve on the GFAC.

Academic Conduct and Appeals Committee (ACAC)

This faculty committee is convened to review cases of honor code misconduct or student academic grievances that have not been resolved by the graduate program or the school or college in which the graduate program resides. The ACAC will consider appeals as they occur and forward its recommendations to the dean. The ACAC consists of at least three graduate faculty members selected from affiliated schools or colleges. Cases investigating student conduct (including honor code violations) also include student representation on the ACAC. Appointments and re-appointments to the ACAC are made by the dean on a case-specific basis as the need arises.

Graduate Executive Committees (GEC)

These committees consist of the graduate program directors of all affiliated programs. The Graduate School encourages schools and colleges to include student membership on GECs. The student members are excluded from discussions about individual faculty or students. The chair of each GEC is either a member of that committee or is chosen from senior faculty outside of the committee (e.g. a department chair). These committees constitute the working groups that deal with graduate education issues.

Specific duties of the GECs include:

  • Develop and maintain rules and policies specific to the graduate programs within their school or college. Any specific rules adopted must be at least equivalent to, and cannot be less stringent, than the rules, policies and/or requirements of the UC Denver Graduate School. Any school/college-specific rules must be compiled within a document readily available to faculty, staff and students and must be forwarded to the Graduate School;
  • Oversee and review issues related to curricula, for the programs housed within the school or college (unless the school/college has a different faculty committee that evaluates graduate curricula);
  • Aid in the development and review of proposals for new and existing graduate programs either within or offered jointly by their school/college. Such recommendations should be forwarded to the dean and Graduate Council for approval;
  • When appropriate, to assist the GFAC by reviewing and making recommendations on the appointments of faculty to the graduate school. For example, the GFAC may solicit the GEC for input regarding the nomination of non-tenure track or part-time faculty.

In conjunction with their constituent graduate programs and in accordance with the rules and policies of the Graduate School, the GEC will establish admission standards; procedures for examinations; academic standards for their programs; and requirements for theses.

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